Samuel Giguere

I saw someone say Sam Giguere would be a free agent if he came to the CFL now. I don't think that is true. Isn't it the same situation as Corey Mace. Winnipeg drafted him a couple years ago and traded his Rights to Hamilton. Just cause a player signs in the NFL doesn't change his CFL rights.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I’m pretty sure we still have the rights to him. After all, he was OUR draft pick, why should he become a free agent in the CFL?

You are right he is still our property if he comes to the CFL

Giguere is currently signed with the Colts through 2011. My comment in the other thread was made assuming he remains with the NFL club through that time. The NFL draft exclusivity limit is three years and I believe the CFL's is the same.

If Giguere is cut from indy in the interim, then his CFL rights would revert to the Cats.

Oski Wee Wee,

Sorry Russ, but Giguere remains Tiger-Cat property until he decides, if ever, to come and play in the CFL. There is no CFL exclusivity limit for Canadians that are signed by NFL clubs.

No. He could remain in the NFL, for lets say 5 years, and would still be the property of the Cats.

Hamilton will always have his CFL rights unless they let them go in a trade. Even if he comes to the CFL 10 years from now he would still be obligated to Hamilton.