Samuel Giguere looks good!

Samuel Giguere looks pretty ripped in this photo at training camp, looks more like a lineman than a receiver the size of his pipes??

[url=] ... 3285_n.jpg[/url]

And he loves showing them :wink:

Too bad he cant catch when it counts..........sorry my bad

Yup, sure looks good as does Bogdan Raic who was briefly with the Cats last year. Where's he now?


He's a WR/KR. It's not "pipes" that matter. It's hands and feet. And, a big also, how easily his head fits into his helmet.

Even in College most of his catch were when he would sit facing his QB, he’s never had pro “hands”, if he did he would have made it in the NFL.

Nice of you to post on the forum, Rod.

i was just reading an article on, which mentions that giguere has looked very impressive in camp making all but one catch, which was a bad throw.

Wide receiver Samuel Giguere was impressive in practice on Tuesday. He displayed reliable hands and used his wide catch radius nicely — only one drop as result of a misplaced pass. The 6-foot-0, 215-pound receiver from Sherbrooke enters this season with a buzz about him after managing 549 yards and one touchdown on 41 receptions in 2012.
maybe he just needed to get his rookie year out of the way? not everyone lights it up their first season. perhaps he learned from his rookie experience and trained hard in the off season to improve his game?

I think it was a combination of first year gitters due to extremely high expectations, and that really icky toe injury that plagued him the first half of the year.

I sure hope the improvement carries through to the regular season. The fact that Austin has moved him inside shows a level of confidence in his abilities. A good sign for sure.

I like the move of putting Sam in the slot. His speed and the waggle should give half-backs a lot to worry about. If both Giguere and Fantuz play slot together, the offence will have the tough inside receiver and a speedy guy to create mis-matches. Should be good.

And maybe he can use his strength to take out a defensive end on occasion like Lewis did to Peach once last year. Man, that was nice hit - perfectly timed to avoid the illegal procedure call.

Nothing wrong with a ripped football player.
Adds speed, endurance, and helps avoid injuries.
2 thumbs up for coming to camp in shape!! :thup: :thup:

That was a great hit. i had forgotten about it until I read your reply. I really like Nik Lewis. He plays receiver, but with his mentality towards contact, I would bet that he could play LB with ease. Maybe even strong safety in the NFL (although he might have to lose a few lbs.) Now if he would just stop the stupid chatter on the field...

Really looking forward to see SG's play this year, sounds like he's ready to go.

Don't know about moving him inside. Yes, the waggle and being closer to the football will help, but you have to be able to make contested catches in traffic with consistency if you want to be a good slot in this league. I hope he brings his A game to the table this year. Hamilton deserves some return after all the waiting and the hype.

Sam has also made the Canadian Olympic Bobsled team. :rockin:

Lewis is one of those receivers I hate to face but would love to have on my team. The Hines Ward of the CFL...

For whatever its worth, this time last year people were reporting he was struggling at camp.

Yep it is great to see his performance improve so much over last year's camp. His personality still needs work, but he is playing well so that is all that really matters now.

I apologize if you're being sarcastic, but people were actually saying the same great things about Giguere during last year's camp.