Samuel Giguere injures his damaged leg, likely to be cut

Looks like the new coaching staff wanted to see where Giguere was at "NOW" and sent him in to return a quick even if his rehab was not complete. Result the fracture re-opened and he will be out of commission for at least two weeks.

IMO: The combination of new coaching staff, injury and Giguere's lack of NCAA pedigree will likely mean he will be cut.

Not too impressed with NFL's way of treating players...

Hfx, do you have a link for that? Thanks! << Mais oui!

He aggravated an injury to his fibula. Not good news for him. Wel shall see how the Colts deal with this.

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I'm assuming this is the translated Coles Notes version. It's good to have one of ours behind enemy lines. Speaking of which, where are those updates Russ?

Huh? I am a walking update, even siting here. LMAO :wink:

Watch the game thread tonight. LOL

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That's what anyone gets for chosing sports as a career choice.

We could have used him

funny how quickly your tune changes eh??

Colts should release him, we sign him , we can release butter fingers Bauman.. :lol:

Matt Carter should also develop, but Giguere is a stud. Time will tell.

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[url=] ... =Translate[/url]

The RDS Post in Rough English via Bable Fish

From the article:

The receiver of master keys Samuel Giguère will not be in uniform for the Colts Saturday afternoon whereas the band with Peyton Manning faces the Lions of Strait.
The incident occurred at the time of a return of [b]boot[/b] to the 3rd quarter whereas an [b]unfavourable[/b] player fell on his leg.
I think they should have used the word "punt" in place of "boot", and "opposing" instead of "unfavourable."
This wound obviously puts in danger the chances of Giguère to make the team as of this year.

“To cut me a station, it will be necessary that the trainers rely on my potential, but unfortunately, I did not have the chance to show that to them of which I was able?, tells Giguère.

Translation services have some room for improvement, but will give us some good laughs until then. :slight_smile:

We need one after a hard loss like this BYF

Yes, getting those laughs was what I for one needed. Thanks for that, Tom. :slight_smile: