Samuel Giguere has his own website..

For all Info on Ticats #2 Pick Samuel Giguere

Check out his website

Oh no! Another stalker! LOL I bet he even didnt make this a fan did!

Perhaps the Colts will visit the Giguere site and find the name of the university that he attended. Currently his "bio" reads university Unknown. They have Federkeil at U of Calgary and Dawson at Harvard but the other Canadian's college is unknown.Without Googling,I'm pretty sure it is Sherbrooke.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

pretty sure his agent made that website.

NFL teams are only allowed to take 80 players into camp this year instead of 85to90 like in other years, so some rookies may get cut a little earlier this year.

There Good Chance Sam Will be back before Labour day