Samuel Giguere Added To Receiving Corps

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One day before the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced that they have signed a first-round pick from the 2008 Draft, receiver Samuel Giguere.

Giguere, a 5-11, 218-pound native of Sherbrooke, Quebec, has spent the last four seasons in the NFL with Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants after being selected by the Ticats with the 8th overall pick in 2008.

Following a stellar three-year CIS career at Sherbrooke, Giguere signed with the Colts as a free agent in April of 2008. He would go on to spend most of the next two seasons on Indianapolis’ practice squad, seeing action in one game in which he returned five kickoffs for 122 yards. Giguere joined the Giants in October of 2010, serving on their practice roster for the remainder of the season before being waived during New York’s 2011 training camp.

In three seasons at Sherbrooke, the 26-year-old caught 94 passes for 1,950 yards and 17 touchdowns. He was named a first-team all-Canadian in 2007.

“We’re thrilled to add Samuel to our team. He’s a very talented receiver who upgrades our offence and provides our roster with another great Canadian player. We’re excited to see Samuel contribute in Hamilton this season and beyond,? said head coach and director of football operations George Cortez.

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Its about time!!!! I take back any negative comments I've had about him on this board about him holding out!!!

:D :thup: :rockin:

Great news, looks like the Cats have the new Canadian air force. Just another reason to be excited for this year cant wait!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup: :thup:

its big news and im happy hes here but I still wanna see what the guy can do, I really hope he isn’t a bust after all this.

Same applies to me K/P. Hopefully his groin is healed up well.

Yeah Im not too excited as this guy has not played any meaningful football in over 4 years. He had better perform or all the waiting was for nothing

Giguere, Fantuz and Stala together? Let's hope they don't let us down.

Fantastic news! But.....

If there is a downside to this, it is the facr that now expectations are so high!

We will rightly expect great results from the team, New Head Coach, new QB, new receiving corps, all improvements over the past.

Anything less than a Grey Cup will now be met with disbelief and stunned reactions.
That said, they can do it! This could be an outstanding year in the history of the Cats!

The more Quality CANADIAN Players the Better !!!

My only concern, assuming Giguere is good enough to start, is how do we play 3 Canadian receivers and still play all of our great American receivers (Kelly, Grant and Williams)? Sure you could play all 6 at once but that means no RB. I hope we don't have a situation of too much talent in one position.

Other than that, it looks like a banner year for the Tabbies. One that we will all remember.

(One final, negative note that occurs to me, is that they may have signed Giguere to trade him to the Als, for their first round pick, perhaps? I hope I'm wrong, but I forgot to put on my tinfoil hat this morning and my paranoia is creeping up to the surface. lol)

whoa there cowboy lets not get ahead of ourselves

Trade him for some O linemen :cowboy:

I don't think we have to trade anybody. We now have quality starters and quality depth at receiver, and at KR (remember both Giguere and Chris Wiliams can return kicks).

And we can use our first two picks in the draft tomorrow to add a potential immediate O-Line starter, as well as a young, depth-player to the O-Line. That's what I would do.

Signing Giguere gives Cortez lots of options on the offensive side of the ball.

Exactly :thup:

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I have mixed feelings about this. Don't forget that this guy shunned the CFL for years and stated he would prefer to play for his hometown Als if his NFL dreams don't pan out. Why the sudden change of heart? Was it because Burris convinced him to come here?

So, starting receivers Fantuz, Stala, Giguere, Williams, and B Grant, with Mackay and Kelly as dressed backups. Brown or Francisco starting FB with the other as a dressed backup. Mallett starting RB with either T Grant or Walker as backup.

If we can start three NIs at receiver/FB, and Hinds at DB, that means only three NIs between the two lines. Did our issues in the trenches just disappear? Guess we'll see at training camp.

I suspect that it's because he realized that he had run out of time in the NFL, the next best option is the CFL. And that means signing with us if he wanted to play.

Well, I guess playing for the Ticats is better than working at Canadian Tire...

Sorry but without proven vet O linemen burris will be running for his life and newly drafted rookies will not help in that area