Same Teams, New Looks: Bombers, Ticats meet again

When the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers meet at Tim Hortons Field Saturday afternoon, it will be a far cry from the last time they met in The Hammer.

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Looking at the metrics for these teams, the relative records for each are confounding. Other than the Cat's penchant for untimely interceptions.

Hamilton leads the league by a country mile this season in the category of TFU in the 4th quarter to the point that they have made it into a fine science and could write a text book on it .

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I always get a laugh when media or players of the losing team in a Championship game speak as though its just a step to where they will eventually be the following year which means nothing. Players will change, coaches may change and you just never know what the chemistry will be like. That's why its so important to make those moments count and do everything possible to win when you are given an opportunity. Hamilton had a great team for the last two seasons and others than that, it means nothing if you don't win your last game. After the last two heart breaking seasons for Tiger cat fans, many again spoke of this being the year and although its still possible, anyone who follows this league knows its not going to be easy. As a Blue Bomber fan, I know all too well (for 29 years before finally celebrating a championship again in 2019) that close only counts in horseshoes :slight_smile:
And, although the Blue Bombers are having a sensational season, I for one, won't be taking anything for granted until that last second ticks down in the 2022 Grey Cup game and we have the lead.


Assuming we don't get knocked off in the Western Final that is...

True dat. Calgary may turn out to be more dangerous as they perform well with Maeir (sp?) behind centre.
Maybe BC can expose some more of Calgary's weaknesses this Saturday with a defense that has played well at times this year.
Not convinced BC can make a good run until Rourke returns, hopefully later this year but they could still be the Bomber's playoff spoiler. I say hopefully because I'm looking forward to seeing him live October 28th.

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Absolutely, meant to say playoff game. Although finishing first and playing the Western Final at home sure will help in what seems like an always good Western Division.

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And Mother Nature always seems to throw a scare into us. In last year's final our frozen receivers almost fumbled, bumbled and stumbled the game away to Saskatchewan. I'm taking nothing for granted if Nathan Rourke or Jake Maier get the lousey weather they need to nullify whatever offensive advantage we might have on that day.

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Poor Evans to go, against the bombers, for his football career with only two receivers |Dunbar and White.


At this point, the Ticats should just focus on the home GC in 2023. Start with coaching. Then evaluate current players for renewals, make hit list targets for FA. Scout US and Usports. Pull out the $$ to build a Grey Cup team for next season. This season is lost.

Ticats should be called the Pussy Cats! Most teams with 3 and 9 record make changes except for the Ticats. All they do is making excuses about Dane Evans shoulder. I don't hear other teams make excuses. Look at the Lions, they went out and got VA through a trade with Montreal because they needed help at quarterbacking. The Cats desperately needing a reliable QB but keep on playing Evans who proven to be mediocre QB. I feel embarrass for the Ticats fans tomorrow when the Bombers beat them silly.

I know. I know... Hamilton's bringing a loaded banana to an AK-47 fight.

Rest assured that we'll do our best to keep it a game until the second half. Everytime we face an opponent we should obliterate as soon as they finish singing the National Anthem we somehow manage to play down to them. The only blowout we've had early on in a game came against the BC Lions. We were up three touchdowns by the end of the first quarter.

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The Cats proved everyone wrong and played a great game and won convincingly against the CFL's #1 team. This win keeps the Tigers alive in the East - but it also makes the remaining games in the schedule a must to see, Oskee-Wee-Wee!

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