Same song -different record.

Last year we had Baressi...

This year we have Pao Pao.

Who would you rather have?
Who would you like?

Alot of threads have covered what I'm going to say...but I'm still boggled by--

  1. running game evaporated after the 1st quarter --I thought we running it rather well

  2. receivers cutting short routes by a yard or 3 ...then its punt time
    if you need 8 yards-run 10 and curl back to the ball

3.still believe the non call on Flick was bogus. He could've got to the ball-possibly a TD..then the momentum game begins.

Also--I find it quite curious that Baressi
wasn't signed by another club---shows me that he shouldn't have been in Hamilton in the first place...and Yeast hasn't signed anywhere....despite good stats...