Same ole, same ole

I know, I patient......

Not this year, or last year or the year before or the year after or next year or the year after....just BE PATIENT!!!!

The OL cannot protect the QB....(X 9 games this year)
The Offense cannot pick up the blitz (X9 games this year)

The coaching decisions are crazy....third and inches....kick....third and a yard and a half.....a fifty yard field goal ties the game......kick you say....Nah.....

NOW go for it.....give it to Lumsden? Nah.
Caulley? Nah.
Smith? Nah.
Printers keeps it. Nah.

I live in has been a crisis here that the Lions have lost 4 games.......
Sask...cuts their QB when they are 6 and 2....

We......are told to be patient.....

FOR WHEN???????????????

I thnik we all have to admit this team is basically the Arizona Cardinals of the CFL...Total and complete losers to the core!!!

I see absolutely no eveidence that this will change any time in the future.I'm glad we're so competative,but losing is losing.Other than the 2 wins against Toronto,our wonderful defence,piloted by that guru who was fired by Calgary for the same reasons we see here,Denny Creehan,has given up over 30 points a game.And our offence is not designed to shoot the lights out,so welcome to 2 and 6!!!

New year, same crap.

How long will it go on before the fans begin to realize there are other places to spend your time and your money?