Same Old

are we going to go 4 games without a td pass, lot a money for nothing, and if their D line is playing this dominant lets please use a screen pass which was our successful play last year

Patience is a virtue - There is a lot of game left to play. I like the defence - so far and the O has to buckle up smack the pads and get it done. Calgary is ripe for the picking.

PATIENCE - FAN SINCE 75 , only 2 Grey Cups, Printers just fumbled and Calgary just scored again. Did we prepare this week??? GAME OVER

Lucky for an offside, 3 tries from the 1 and cant make it. Since Printers cant throw a td you would think he might run one in. No wonder he was 3rd-4th string on a crappy KC team

Another TD, not only does Printers suck, we have no rush on the QB, it is pretty when their running QB doesnt even have to use his best weapon (his feet) because he can stand back their all day and fire away

Why pay a QB this kind of money when all he can do is hand off the ball. Do we miss Lumsden this much.

I'm at the game and we're ge
tting robed by the refs...

We just gave up 27 pts in a half… and they go after the QB.


Nice interception to end the half. I seem to see Anderson in on a lot of plays. Is the player we cut becuz was not good enuf. When there are 40-50 players on a team their will be some personalty conflicts and some differen characters. Suck it because this guy plays with and edge that we could use. Nice pic by Armour. Another guy we could lose

Cats have not had a dominate defense for years so when the offense stalls the other team will eventually score.

Printers needs to be unleashed. He needs to use the roll and take advantage of his speed. The Calgary pass rush is basically forcing him to make mistakes. We need a half time adjustment.

This is an absolute abomination! This team is totally devoid of any passion or hunger. Worst of all, I don't know what the solution is. What a bunch of pansies!!!

I have to agree that the cats seem to be lacking the intensity required for a good football team. The coach wants consistency and he is getting it. Each and every year, very few wins, no intensity and weak defense


What a stellar defensive effort! First and 20 and no problem. Zero pass rush. Do these idiots even know the game has started!?!?!

I thought that I will make it official . . . I am willing to serve as the new defensive coordinator for this "fabled organization." I can certainly do no worse than the abortion that we are witnessing. Where do they find these stiffs???!!!

Holy @#&%! Is this game really that hard to play? Calgary sure makes it look easy!

Sorry gues I should be just be just upset with the defece as i am with Printer, another point, oh sorry will kick again because of ANOTHE penalty

Is Zeke playing they keep runnig for 15 every time right down the middle

Oh any QB playing against us , looks like they compete with Tom Brady

And they wonder why the crowds are dwindling?..They are quite simply the worst team in any professional sport the last 3 years. I don't understand the reasons for it and why they keep playing like this. They change coaches, qb's and plenty of players and it just keeps happening. The demise of the Ottawa team was for these very same reasons, too many losing seasons and something has to give. Since 1973 they have had atleast 20 losing seasons..amazing.and a bunch barely over 50%..brutal.

1950-1972 seasons 1st-15 2nd-5 3rd-2 4th-1
1973-2007 seasons 1st-6 2nd-10 3rd-8 4th-11

yet another interception throw, thats 4 turnover , poor tired defence

Before the season they need another stud pass rusher and someone could deep and haul one win for a TD 0 for 2