Same Old Storyline. Big TV Ratings. Little Media Coverage.

Has anybody tried finding some CFL coverage in our supposedly national media outlets this morning?

Seems the big football news is some cheating scandal in the NFL.Then any other NFL story. Even the NCAA American schoolboy football has more coverage then the CFL in the Globe and Mail.

I mean the weekend games start tonight, yet there's basically zero build up to these games. While the NFL and baseball dominate the news.

I know we're kicking a dead horse here, but this disinterest in the league by the media just makes me shake my head.

The fact the CFL still gets big support despite the lack of support from the media is amazing.

Who cares what the media says, anyway? You know you like the game, so why not just leave it at that? If a movie critic pans a movie, does that mean you are automatically not going to see the flick? There are things you need to judge for yourself, and to hell with the boneheads that we call the national media.

The media must be taking bribes from the NFL...

The CFL does get major coverage, just not in Toronto. Game days and even leading up to games has big time coverage in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and to a lesser degree Vancouver. I am willing to guess that Montreal papers have a fair bit of coverage also. I really do thing that the Toronto media has turned it's back on the Argos and as a result (of years and years of turning it's back), they are perceived as a minor league team in Toronto.

The CFL is not considered minor league in western Canada and Torontonians to a large degree think western Canada are hill billies....hencefore the image of the CFL in Toronto.


Besdies, every game is televised, every city with a team (and some without :wink: ) has league coverage in its newspaper(s) and there are specialty shows dedicated to the league (such as that Snap thing) during the week. There's PLENTY of CFL coverage to be found.

Well...not really. Canadiens camp opened up today.

I wish the sports stations would talk more about the Als but what can you do? Many people here feel that real football is only played in the US and starts Labor Day weekend. For others, is a year-round sport. Oh well, like others' said...I can see any game I want so who cares what the media does.

I know what you mean. I am French and I have been saying the same thing for the French media since 2005. (See CFL French: Les Médias et la CFL) I have translated all your ratings to show how unjust the media are to our football. It is a miracle that it’s still alive! Please don’t quit or don’t let others diminish what you’re doing. I admire your dedication.

Vive la CFL !

This image says it all. Alone we can do little, but as a group, hundreds of thousands of fans as one voice, English & French for the same cause. I think it’s the only solution. It would be hard to be ignored if we are united.


IF the media gave the CFL its proper share of attention, more people would be turned on to the CFL...which would boost ratings and attendance thoughout the teams more revenue. which MIGHT draw interest from some rich people to sniff around about buying a team of thier own, thus creating a BETTER league.

just maybe.

afterall, the media is the reason ANYONE watches the NFL in the first place, right.

The NFL, by and large, is a boring product. Watching the Cardinals-49ers game this week cemented that impression for me. Yes, they do have exciting games, but the reason they succeed is because they have tons and tons of money. And one of the reasons they have tons and tons of money is because of incessant, ridiculous media hype.

So I do care what the media thinks. If they paid more attention to the CFL, it would make more money, the television deals would get more lucrative, we'd attract better-quality players to the league, and maybe, just maybe, we could have 10 healthy teams in the league within the next 10 years.

  1. media helps but don't kid yourself. The US fans are psychotic for ALL football. NFL will never play on Fridays and rarely on Saturdays. Why? High School football rules Fridays and college rules Saturdays. Some college teams draw over 60,000 for games and often outdraw NFL teams. It is a culture thing. Same thing happens in Canada with hockey.

However, as the minor football grows in Canada, watch support for the CFL grow with it. Quebec is a perfect example where college ball started to take off right around the time the CFL came back. Media coverage does make a big difference and I think TSN is a huge part of it, but culture also plays a big role. Turn the CFL into a cultural item and watch it take off in popularity.

Who cares about the Globe & Mail? The Province out here gives us good coverage. Guess what, it will get worse. Hockey training camp has started.

As long as I get to see the games in person and on the TV, I really don't care what the Globe & Mail covers. I don't buy it, and when I get a free one, I use it where it does the best.....Bottom of the Budgie cage!

Hockey, hockey and more hockey 24/7. The past week here in Toronto we have already had pre camp pre season over the top team by team summaries.
That my friends is the biggest overblown media coverage and waste of time in this country.
Then the NFL which does not deserve the one tenth or current wannabee US coverage from the Canadian media.
We could all go on and on.

An unusual problem needs an unusual solution.

Like it or not the Toronto media are opinion leaders for many people. So it's important to care what they say or don't say.

The problem is how to get them to change. I suggest that change starts at the top, with management.

I'm fairly certain that the big media outlets aren't run by some cigar chompin' Uncle Sam in a stuffed shirt with a too-tight collar and a polka dot bow tie, but by a bunch of cigar chompin', brandy sniffin', limo-ridin' hoity-toity boardroom boot lickers who pay big bucks for cleverly-crafted surveys which purport to show what their customers want to see/hear/read/watch. Of course after years of shoving foreign culture down their throats it probably IS what many want, which just goes to reinforce their own entertainment preferences.

No, the Toronto media will likely never change until there is a bona fide change at the top. Not until Baron Thomson (and peers) decides to, culturally speaking, dance with who brung him will there be any change in the editorial content of Big Media.

Yah no kidding escpecially sportsnet I dont even turn to that station it might as well be ESPN. They even push European soccer on most sports channels more than the CFL our truly 1 Canadian thing. I live in Kelowna and yesterday the top story in the local sports newspaper was abou Michigan and Notre Dame football. I have a friend in the journalism buissness and I actually thought of asking him how to complain about it. I had a subscription to them about 15 years ago and cancelled it because they didnt have enough CFL news they said they covered more local stuff I guess living in BC somehow doesnt count. I guess I live in Michigan.

I was surprised that on the Score this morning they showed only one play from each CFL game, with all three game's coverage totally less than 20 seconds? While the very next highlight of a SF baseball game had about 10 plays and lasted over 90 seconds? Considering the higher TV ratings the CFL gets compared to the Blue Jays or NFL, why wouldn't they show more CFL highlights???

But at least the Score has a weekly CFL show. Under "football" on my Canadian TV Guide highlights, shows 28 NFL shows and games listed until Thursday, and only one CFL entry, the CFL Snap at 9:00 am Thursday morning. What country are we in again?

I was watching Sportsnet late last night and they showed all the highlites from the games, but at the end of it the announcer made it sound like a chore and said something like "and now for what you all have been waiting news" it was sad.

That would be Jason Portuondo.

It's always normal for this moron to slag our league.
In addition, I have noticed what highlites they do show of the games it is short and quick. Meanwhile, the No Fun League highlites are on and on very long for crappy games often showing first downs, non relevant to any scoring.
Totally one sided.