Same old story

I have been watching this teams for years and now I am wondering what is wrong......
Do we have the right coach's
Are we using the right players
Why cant we find a dominant defensive player - if we do why is this player not on the field
Other CFL teams seem to find exciting players - the Al's seem to lean towards old vets (Why)
Are we the fans fooling ourselves and thing this year's team is capable of winning?
Last point
The Al's are now the third option for the paying sports fan in this city ---- it not fun being # 3.

We lost Anthony Calvillo and Marc Trestman.

This seems to be the weakness at this time.

John Bowman, Chip Cox and more recently Bear Woods.

Old vets can be exciting if you ask me. In terms of new exciting players, I can't think of a better example than Rakeem Cato.

The Als are definitely capable of winning. Our losses are by roughly a dozen points in all.

This is of course highly debatable, but to me he Als are a better team and organization than are the Impact. The atmosphere at Molson stadium is excellent, and the team is competitive.

Duron Carter not exciting ?

How do you figure they are #3?
Based on what? Ticket sales?

The impact are averaging 16,300 while the Als are averaging 20,400
The Als are also counting actual attendance and not tickets sold

I`ve always been curious about this. Friends and acquaintances that I know - I realize a small sample size - are either Alouette fans or Impact fans, not both.

Are the Als and the Impact competing for the same fan? I`m not talking about the corporate sector.

I dont know for sure but I doubt it. I know people who will go to an Impact game and others will go to an Als game.... I dont know any who will go to both.

I went to one impact game(I had no choice) and I would rather watch paint dry