same old same old

apparently whoever is responsible for entering in team game stats doesn't know that BC has a guy named Antolin who had a pretty good night.

on top of that, they do have his name in a poll, misspelled of course. :roll:

The people who runs stats on this site are amateurs to say the least.

as of now, the mont ham game is just about over with a score of 28-23, yet according to, the game just started and no score :roll:

same thing last year for preseason. Heck, TSN website didnt tell the score until the next day for some games

well, I got the score from TSN right as the game was ending and right now they have all scores up to date except for cal last FG.

last year

just sayin that tsn is better this year, but continues to suck

The refs still suck as well

Same old same old

The stats are incomplete for the RedBlacks vs. Riders game.

Missing are stats from QB Carder and RB DJ Harper, and that's not including players from SASK side.

....sometimes these guys are quite laughable...In the Wpg./Cal game, the head ref. apparently can't tell the Argos from the Bombers, even though he was looking directly at a big 'W' on the helmet right in front of him.. I guess O'Shea standing on the Winnipeg sidelines threw him :lol: ... IF however that's all the striped guys get confused about, I guess it won't be all that bad

Yeah I remember 2-3 years back Montreal got called for no yards....
BC was playing Toronto but Montreal was penalized

I've been pretty pleased with the officiating thus far really. They've missed some...that's always going to happen, but over all I think the few games of warmup they have went through looked pretty good.

People still complaining about the refs

Same old same old :slight_smile:

You complain about MRX
Same old same old

I guess we all have our vices ...

MRX continues to suck

same old same old

But as previously discussed

In your book
Refs are human, try their best and are allowed to make mistakes

MRX is not