Same Old, Same Old!!!

The game is currently in the 4th quarter and it is becoming more and more obvious that there remains a lot of work to do with this team.

It appears that Jason Maas continues to have some trouble with last year's "career-ending" injuries.
The CBC commentators have mentioned that he is a class act for continuing to say he's okay to play. They admire his courage, I guess.

Personally, I don't see it this way. If a player is injured and not 100% physically capable to play to his potential, I think he should go to his coach and tell him about his conditition and be willing to step aside to let his back ups play. Knowingly playing while injured (if this is the case, and I think it is) is unfair to his team mates and the fans. It robs them of the opportunity of seeing their team at its best and possibly winning a ball game.

Jason continues to throw short and flare passes and on the rare occasion he goes long, he tends to throw a wobbley spiral into a crowd. Meanwhile, he's missing guys who are in the clear.

I think the team should think about cutting Jason Maas and bringing back Rocky Butler. Persevering with this loser is going to cost the team either this season or next. Timmy Chang should move into the #1 position.

I say, "No more chances for Jason Maas". Fire him now or relegate him to clip board duty and third string while he continues to recuperate.

Amen, brother. The posse agrees!

damn, Paopao and Lancaster must still be coaching. No one else would get such results.....right?

No GOOD coach would anyhow.....right?

Got to be someway to blame them...just must be.

Yeah, I definitely didn’t get the impression that Hamilton wanted to win, and I’m sure part of that was Maas’s poor performance. Too many short passes. Calgary was tearing up the field every chance they got.

The offence seemed to pick up a bit with Chang at the helm, but by then it was too little too late.

I agree with what Rocky said. At the start of the game they were saying how amazing Maas was for playing while injured last season… I don’t like that. If he’s still injured his ass should be on the bench.

Was it really a QB battle in camp? Not really if Mass is still the starter. How can someone throw 7 td'd vs 17 int's still lead your team? Good job Marcel. LOL

Danny, Danny, Danny!

Maas should be cut. He's shown absolutely nothing since he got here. If we're going to go 4-14 again, I'd rather give a rookie a shot and maybe have the experience pay off down the road.

Ever notice it's always the rats that jump ship first? :wink:

Funny....I could start a thread with the same title that would have nothing to do with Jason Maas. It would be about the people that post on these forums.

Same old, same old bashing. Some things never change.

Thats because Maas still stinks

I guess that the Players who have been traded or cut by the present GM are the reason that Hamilton LOST another one!!! It's time that the Hamilton brass realize that Jason's not the QB that helped Edmonton
win the Grey Cup. The people in charge should realize that last year Jason played with some pretty bad injuries and will do the same this year. Some one needs to evaluate him and take the proper action.

When will the Ti-Cat Organization get rid of this guy Maas. The guy has no game. I watched some of the game against Calgary, and I thought that the Cats simply started where they left off from the '06 Season.
Maas has absolutely no confidence. That is very apparent. Once an athlete suffers from such a mental issue, as the issue of having no confidence, its over in a case such as Jason Maas'.
Maas' career is over. He is too far gone psychologically.
When the Cats threw in Chang, you could see a bounce in the steps of the other Players.
I say sit Maas on the bench, or send him home, and keep playing Chang. Sure Chang is young, but at least the Fans of Hamilton will not have to suffer a psychosis all season long watching Maas.
Please stop the pain for us! Please, we beg this of you! Someone save us from visits to our Physician and filling prescriptions of "Prozac." If I need Prozac, and or therapy because of all this, I would expect that the Ti-Cats Organization pay for the fee's associated with my treatment. After all the Cat's Organization could have prevented the obvious, and rectified it. Please do not make us suffer through another season of Maas. lol.

Rather than calling on the Cats to 'rectify' [?] things

Stop wallowing around in the horsebleep disguised as opinions
and passed out through the rectums of posters on

and you will find your CANADA DAY will go just fine!

WOW <<<<<< :roll:
Calling a guy a loser who is part of a Pro team, living the dream that many people would trade a day for and playing the position that is the most highly juged position on a football team. I'm not sure I follow that statement.
While I will agree it can be painful to watch you have to take the good with the's also the 1st game of 2007 reg. season so easy does it.
As for your Butler comment. Think of it this way. You are traded to a team that is (yet again) rebuilding. Everyone knows they need to earn a spot on the roster and then after your unproven preseason play you are kept on the team. However, you feel compelled to tell the coach your feelings and ask for a release..........I guess the old adage of "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" really didn't play in Butlers mind........he never even gave the team a chance........and you want him back?
....Stay strong and true, to the team, share your comments and opinions but please watch the personal's so minor league.


The question begs to be asked after last night: "Is it the quarterback or the play calling?" Ralph's fumble cost us a touchdown, but even had he held onto the ball it would have been two points because he was behind the goal line. Second and ten on the one yard line and we call for a thirty yard pass to a receiver two yards behind our own goal line. Time and time again on second and long (seven, eight, nine yards) we see a four yard pass thrown and hope the receiver can make the rest-----usually surrounded by about five defensive backs. Is this Jason changing the coach's call or an American offensive coordinator not understanding Canadianfootball. I think it's time for Chang but I really wonder about the play selections of this team.
I know one thing, if this is the level of entertainment we can expect from this team, this will be my last year of season's tickets and I"ll go back to watching university football.

@RonFromTigerTown, I have no idea to quote your text, or to reply to your message.
Maas is a loser and needs to be sent home. Period. The guy is no QB. My 7 year old nephew throws and plays better. lol
I think the Cats Organization needs to take off their "Rose Colored Glasses", when it comes to their "Star", Maas.
Get rid of the guy.
Its Cha-Chang time. That kid is a winner. Maas is a loser.

I promised myself I wasn't going to do this, but I have to. IT'S GAME 1. We played a team that was one of the top teams in the league last year who has kept their team VIRTUALLY INTACT. You have to expect some growing pains. I don't think Maas played all that badly, but we definately should have put Chang in after not scoring a TD in the first half. Some "rookie" mistakes and penalties cost us large. Those are all fixable. Take a deep breath and let it go. I think we have the potential to surprise a lot of people this year. Setta looked great, the coverage team was top-notch. Walker looked good and we held them pretty close in the first half. We just need to work out the kinks.

PS...I just LOVE it when people join up just to bash people. Welcome to the site Broadway.

It's also great to see you back AMG.

Actually, Football_Bunny's nephew (who she picked over Danny Mac in 2004) would probably smoke your nephew now that he is eight... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

One thing is for sure. Tape doesn't lie. Taaffe will make an informed judgement on Maas based on that.

The question is not whether Chang is going to be the starter, but when. For when all is said and done, that offensive system cannot work without an intermediate passing attack (10-20 yards). I did not see enough evidence of Cats receivers being wide open in those areas of the field to pillory Maas for that ( I only saw the Holmes situation near the goal line when he was WIDE OPEN in the flat for a short pass), but I did see that Chang has the fastball necessary to get the ball into those windows, even if the WR-DB separation is not optimal.

Interesting week ahead.

Oski Wee Wee,

it took getting rid of 25 some odd players from november til may, hiring a whole new coaching staff
and releasing two "city legends" to get back to the same point you were at last season at this time.
i thought for sure the GM had a master plan for this team, why else would he cut all those players, maybe he thought he would just make change just to make change when all those transactions weren't necessary.
push the panic button cause if we go down 0-4 like last year then what?

                 CITY LEGEND

I was pretty irate last night when I started this thread. My cable people "Source" lost all channels (including HD channels) about half way through the third quarter and I was relegated to listening to the balance of the second half on radio, via my computer. I have no idea when we got these channels back, but it was well after the game's end.

I'm noticing that most of the folks responding to this thread are in agreement with the fact that Jason Maas isn't likely to be the answer to this team winning football games. Jason is NOT going to lead this team to the promised land because he remains injured. I was hard on him last night and find it difficult even now, to take back any of the statements I made. I apologize to the few I may have offended.

On the positive side there are several areas of improvement on this team, as already mentioned by another poster. The special teams, kicking and punting all show plenty of promise as does overall team speed.

I really feel that our greatest problem for the past couple of years has been our failure to generate any consistent offense. Based on last night's one game, (which may be an unfair assessment) this problem remains, but even here, there are some improvements. Corey Holmes is being used more and Lumsden is starting to make a believer out of me.

I hope that our coaching staff get the message however, that generally, down field passes give positive results more than short and flare passes. These short passes remain, in my mind, this teams greatest nemesis. Its fine to use them a little, but when your passing game becomes contingent upon the success of the short pass, I really think you're missing the boat. Hamilton has proven this over the past several season failures.

I truly hope that Charlie Taaffe will get a grip on this situation and start getting the ball down field or at least, use a quarterback with this capability.

I would also like to put in a kind word for Zeke Moreno in our defensive secondary. This guy looks great! I think he will emerge as the leader of our defense.