Same Old, Same Old

Look- here we are bringing in new coaches and new players AND WE STILL HAVEN'T WON A SINGLE GAME!


I'm depressed.....
also avoiding work.

Havent lost a game yet either ........

Yep avoiding work myself ,,,,,,,,,,,

Work? What is this word "work"?

You should all model yourselves after me and work hard. :wink:

"Work it HARD, baby! Yeah!!!"

"Oh, beHAVE"...

You mean hardly work. :wink:

...a thread that KNOWS that everything written in it is nonsense.

That should read…‘everything written in it SO FAR is nonsense.’
Now for a touch of sensible thought…

For all your platitudes about hard work, I harbour an air of disbelief. I went through the same agonies of ‘hard work’, survived it, and moved on to the nirvana of life…RETIREMENT.
Some advice…don’t get so tied up in your ‘hard work’ that you leave nothing in the tank to expend in enjoying the golden days.

So true Wilf :thup:

And one other thought... enjoy every day you can...because you never know when your number is up!

Hmmmm... the thread is entitled "Same OLD, Same OLD," and then we have contributions from Wilf and Woody about aging.

Coincidence? I think not!
That's two for two.


Hey Hey Hey
Never said my work was hard.
Just said i am avoiding it.

Mark, when you reach the time when all you have left to brag about is the fact that you have outlived weaker guys, then you have no choice but to let the world know about it.
Does that help to explain my long-winded spiels???

As you grow old, there are two things that start to go. The first is your memory, and..........and........I can't remember what the second one is.

If you would like to send me a pm, I would be happy to let you know about the 2nd, and even the 3rd, to go.
In conversations with my friends, I find that the first three seem to be interchangeable, depending on the individual. Suffice to say that being a doctor in a retirement community must be an interesting experience.
So much for the public airing of the dangers of approaching senility.
In closing, my memory is just fine, thank you.