same old casey same old results

he comes to lead an offence talks about being a leader blah blah blah then in the biggest game of the year for his team he jams his thumb and is OUT. Gee thats sounds like dejavu to his time in hamilton. Suck it up buttercup this is football. I look forward to next sunday against the lions GO CATS GO!!!!!!!! :rockin:

broke his thumb on his throwing hand.

try holding your remote without crying after breaking your thumb....buttercup.


got thrown to the turf and tried to brace his fall.


Jamming fingers sprained fingers broken fingers on throwing hand are all reasons qbs sit out games. Try gripping a ball after whacking your finger or thumb off a helmet. those injuries effect your play and accuracy and volicity of the ball.

At least now we know BC will be cheering us on in the Peg. We win and they crossover.

Winner of the Sask/Cal game tonight decides 1st in the west. If Sask wins they will have the same record as Cal but they are currently up 1 point in the total point between the two this year.

Facing a QB'less BC in the first round. Thats just sexy.

Ticat're an idiot...

Tried to watch the game last night but started late here 11:30pm and I fell asleep during the first quarter. A fifth string QB man no wonder 45-13 was the score. Printers picked up from where he left off in Hamilton, injured. He's got no luck, if he ever stayed healthy look out.

you have no clue what your talking about.

my point is he is a prettyboy i scene the interview with him after and he doesnt look to upset that he couldnt lead his team to victory. The guy has now heart for football bottom line is im glad hes not a ticat end of story

Geez. . .

ticatbill, he didn't jam his thumb, he broke his thumb. A QB who is not able to play with a broken thumb on his throwing hand is not a "prettyboy" because of that. If you expected him to be able to keep playing after that injury, you're totally unrealistic.... regardless of what you've "scene".

8) Geez....again !! :roll:

source of that interview? and good luck guys against Winnipeg, doing good so far.

If Casey had this offensive line he would be untouchable instead of the pantloads he had in front of him when he was here

God, you're an idiot... sigh. He breaks his thumb (from what I hear) and can't play, and you tell him to "suck it up". But you watch an interview and note how he doesn't look all heart broken, but if he did you'd insult him for it. And if he did play and the thumb caused him to play bad you'd insult him for it... Haters will hate, I guess.