same old Burris

fumble machine back at it.

kerry joseph showing him whose MVP, no doubt, "I'm going to option to my imaginary friend"....

same old burris..throwin picks in the playoffs.

…the man is cursed…there can be no other explanation…a traditional old Louisiana voodoo curse…

Looks like the Stamps should start to warm up the bus.

Oh oh turn the bus off.

hold the bus, we have a game again

but really... how could they fall for that fake?!?

TSN Turning point?

a perfect pass coulda made it 20-0, but fantuz deflects it and makes it 13-7 instead....what a turn of events.

And a hush falls over Mosaic stadium.

riders don't seem phased at all.

21 yard play right after, followed by a 10 pass to murphy.

KJ is calm and poised.

then a strike to fantuz who picks up amazing yac-yards.

Get the keys for the bus out? Maybe?


start the bus, dont start the bus, turn it off, get the keys…maybe…hahahaha

KJ over 260 yards passing in the 1st half.

Put Sankey in Burris hasnt shown anything.

This one is over. The Riders will run up the score in the 2nd half. The Stamps have shown they are incapable of stopping Joseph.

Plus Frank Burris has shown up today.

its the playoffs..who did u expect?

hes shown hes the same old burris; picks and fumbles every playoffs game.

:lol: That was hilarious. Saw some of the first quarter and it wasn't looking good. 'Bout to turn the game back on.

Shut the bus off and grab a coffee bus driver.