Same Garbage as last year !!!!!!!!!

Listen,The source is legit,just watch Mass throw the ball,his biggest completion was underthrown and should have been intercepted except for a great catch by Brock Ralph!

This is not your 2005 Tiger Cats.

I'm normally a cynical Cats fan, but lets not throw out the baby with the bath water.

In my observations, there was:

  • Versatility at offence (A much broader playbook)

  • Too many penalties, but with the Marshall / Maas leadership, you know they will decline. (On offense anyways)

  • A slack secondary that will hopefully gel.

  • A kicking gane that should be evaluated on a game by game basis.

Hey, Ranek was a non-factor after his (hopefully mild) injury, and our stud from last year, Mr. Flick was basically ignored this game.

It can only get better.


The only comment I will make today about Ricky Williams is that the only reason he managed to get anything was due to a couple blocks that sprung him loose. He didn't do anything special to create yardsOther wise another disappointing day for Mr. Williams.

That is bs, Williams did a nice job of reading his blocks, and look at how much attention he got on playaction fakes, there was wide open receivers all over the place. He made a crappy q.b look like an allstar.

All I know is all the people who had to take flack from everyone on here about Danny should be thanking you. In Hamilton it's ALWAYS the QB's fault.

Lets not give to much credit to Williams he;s a flake and would anyone in this forum trade him for the 2006 season (the only one he;ll play here)straight up for Corey Holmes?
Did you notice they talked so much about him the CBC comentators never did get around to setting the Ti-cat defensive unit like there suppossed to the first time they are on the field.
Makes me sick how we downplay our stars in the CFL and hype some big time NFL;dude just because he is slummimg up here for one season.
P.S. I thought he looked pretty ordinary today.

The diference is Maas looked good when he wasn't throwing picks, Danny would have been going 2 and out every series inbetween picks and we would have lost 42-0.

a loss is a loss is it not?

The offense is far better but the defense is recognizable from last year.

The D coach can't get his guys to cover . ( or he can't coach )
It is sickening to see a receiver 5 yrds. behind the D.

Danny would have been great with this Offensive Co-ordinator and the "weapons" the Maas has been given.

Not to take anything away from Jason, but I'm just pointing out the fact that DMAC would do well here too.

Ahhh, the shallow thinking that I've come to love from most Hamilton fans.


There's been many a time that we've jumped out of the gate at the beginning of the season, only to faulter down the road.

One loss is one loss. Big deal. Get over it.

Maybe some of these great fans could tell us when the last team to go 18-0 was??

One loss this early is better than losing the last game of the year when it could get you into the playoffs. I for one would rather take the losses early while gelling than to take bad losses late when you should be on top of your game.

For those who care (Hi Mom!), here are my views on today's debacle.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear (I did too), that I was watching the 2005 TiCat defensive backfield. Oh wait a minute....I was. CHANGE IT. Or the DC, but one of 'em has to go. Bradley...start 'em. Loosey goosey coverage is gonna be the death knill of this team. If Wynn can light us up like AC next week.

Two things in one here. Discipline (none) and the diving when an Argo player would sneeze on us to draw a penalty. STOP IT. You play for the HAMILTON Tiger Cats. We are tough, hard-nosed people who expect nothing less from our players.

Love ALL of the wrinkles in the Offenisve package...but we have to get the ball to more of our weapons.

Boreham. Missing from where???...19 yards (again)??. In golf, we call this a gimme. With you, it's called nitro-glycerine time.

Yeast. See my previous thread. If you care (Hi Mom!)

I saw many positives today and am looking forward to this season. It just looks like we'll win games 65-60 this year.

I think that's it, for now.

It's been a few hours now so I've had a chance to cool off..somewhat. And here are my observations (for what they're worth).

I'm quite disappointed in the whole team. So much for all the signings. The team looked just like last years....porous defense, anemic offense and questionable kicking.

Holmes filled in admirably for Davis..but other than that, it was carbon copy from last year. No Deep Ball! One deep throw to Ralph (completed) and that was all. All other passes were short (usually short of the first down). Last year some people on here were blaming Danny for our dismal offense. (Not me!) Others (including me) were blaming Baresi. I couldn't help but wonder if Baresi was calling the plays down from some press box.

And defense...sheesh. Miles was wide open! If you go on-line to look for the definition of "blown coverage" in'll see that clip of Miles' TD.

Officiating???? Once again...a joke. True...alot of our players were losing their cool. But I can't count how many times the zebras forgot to pull out their flag against an Argo. Example...when Cheatwood got around the end to make a sack on Wynn, even though he end up making the sack, the Argo lineman grabbed Cheatwood from behind. Penalty...but not called. How about on one of Levingston's returns. A Ticat player coming towards Levingston was blocked from behind. (A person doesn't normally fall like that for no reason!) But what can you expect. Levingston, although a remarkable athlete, and the Argo team have somehow been blessed with such favourable non-calls. That accounts for so many return TD's.

Kudos to Chris Walby for finally acknowledging that his CBC cohort in the booth is an avid Argo booster. Thankfully I don't recall his name..but he spent a great deal of his time suggesting to the fans what penalties the Ticats should have gotten. Sure would be nice if the CBC could choose an impartial play by play announcer!

Kavis Reed quite simply CANNOT DRAW UP A PLAYBOOK. He's a cowardly play caller and always seems to be calling plays like a soft cover 3...

The other problem is that we didnt have Jykine Bradley in there. It wasnt the run that killed us today. It was the fact that they got all the underneath stuff and Martin/Cody failed to cover their guys.... Goss seemed a little off, but was satisfactory, even the TD catch wasn't really his fault.

I have NEVER been convinced on Kavis... if he doesnt shape up I vote we bring back the Suds.

i only managed to catch the first half, but i thought ti-cats were doing a good job

My thoughts

  1. Once again no discipline. Seems to be a common theme with coach Marshall.

  2. Why are we starting 2 extra Canadians. Brooks is on the bench . Auggie should be coming in on the 4/3 not Brooks. T.O. did a lot of short crossing passing (obviously simplifying the offense for Wynn) and Auggie was no where to be seen. If we never intend to get Radelin the ball go with a 2 Yankee backfield. Holmes in a must with Ranek and Davis and the 2nd back.

  3. Offence was decent in the first half, but in the second we did a a good job on 1st downs (5-6 yards) but continually threw for 1-2 yards on 2nd down and had to punt.

  4. Why doesn't Mass slide when running rather then go head first. Injury waiting to happen.

  5. I was at the game today and is was very disappointing. This team hasn't won on the road in over a year. They need to get the monkey off their back quick and it won't be easy next week. Hope I am wrong.

Yep, that junk has been going on for years, I don't know his name either but he's the loudest most anoying anouncer in the business.

As for the O, it was light years ahead of last year, we punted only a few times, there was life to the plays, fake reverses, reverse shovel passes, nice screens, etc. As for the deep ball, you can throw that play out of the book when you play the Argo's as they like to take that away and force teams to throw underneath.

And theres no comparison between Danny and Maas, Maas is much more of a leader and someone who is not going sit back and allow his O to go 2 and out all day, the way Danny would.

Drexl, I'll humbly disagree with you, because by taking the stuff underneath we're not scoring TDs, and TDs are what it is going to take to beat the Argos.

True, but we did put points on the board, and probably should have added at least 13 more if it wasn't for penalties and the missed chip shot feild goal. I'm sure we'll see more deep balls thrown next week.