Same Garbage as last year !!!!!!!!!

:D I just watched the game and guess what ,it's the same garbage game the ti-cats played against the Argo's .We made Spergon Wynn look great,our defence was no pressure and terrible,offensively Cory Homles was our only Star,Brock Ralph great catch,our O-line was pathetic especially Cook and it is obvious that Jason Mass 's shoulder is not right,his passes had no zip on them and he could not throw deep because of it.The Grey Cup goes through Toronto,the pre season is over.!!!!!!!!!

Penalties are still killing us!!!!!!!!

I thought our line played pretty well considering the limited time they've had to gel. The real problem was our defense today.

DONT BAD MOUTH MAAS YOU GUYS...jeez we had him in edmonton and believe me he will bring you guys far

You don't like Maas? We'll take him back. :smiley: Just give him some time to get used to his new receivers, and he'll start performing better.

Maas was not the problem.

The problem was those attractive hankys the refs were throwing around.

Maas looked incredibly average to me today. This is what gets me, every one gets mad at Danny Mac when he throws a pick in a late drive, Maas does the exact same thing!

Penalties killed us in the first half. The Argos held us in the second half. Holmes was hot but lets not forget about the rest of the offence.

penalties killed us for sure and there has to be better preassure from the cats front 4 or the recievers will be open all day long.

on another note how come Brooks wasn't starting at MLB? this guy looks like the real deal

I saw some promise today on offence but where we were very week was no pressure at all on Wynne any qb will look good with that much time;how come Brooks didn;t play is it the import ratio?
Holmes maybe the best player in the league what a steal he was;anyway its the Als next i think a must win this early in our season.

Patience my friends the Ticats will turn things around

as much of a fan of Auggie as i am.... did you see him get plowed through by Williams??? he made the tackle(and that was with Martin's help) but the tackle started about three yards in front of where he ended up.

They definately need help with the pass coverage. Same coverage as last year, and we're getting the same results. I hope they do improve in that department, or it's going to be another loooong season.

Maas's arm is fine, he didn't throw deep because the Argo's play deep zones all game and force you to be patient and put together 10 play drives to score on them. And breakdowns on the line will happen, it's not a perfect world you know, overal they did an alright job I thought.

Maybe start Brooks in the middle and Auggie and Mariuz on the outside? Or maybe go with Brooks Armour and Mariuz (we had an extra Canadian starter).

:D Hey,I Think Jason Mass is great,l admire the way he plays the game,but from a technical criticism his passes are not crisp and there is no velocity on his passes.Listen the guy came damaged from Edmonton and he just had surgery a couple of weeks ago on his throwing shoulder that the Cat's want to keep quiet about.Why not play Eakin until he is healthy and risk further injury and loose for the whole season?Does that make sense?

Brooks Did play we where in a 3-4 Front.
to start the game..

What is your source?


Some guy who knows some guy, who knows some guy who knows some guy who knows some guy who knows a cab driver in Buffalo.

Oh. You mean the same guy who's leaking stuff from BoG meetings?