Same crap different night...

these refs are garbage, the league should fire every ref from tonight and all the refs from other nights who still blew calls even after reviewing them. Why did they penalize B.C because a bomber fan blew a whistle?! Does that make sence to anyone else? Clermont catches the pass after he has a first down, no one around him, a fan blows a whistle, Clermont walks into the endzone, so the ref decides to play the down over again. How ****** stupid is that!

dont be mad at the ref. Be mad at the blankety blank fan.

the 13th man in Winnipeg cheating!! :o no way!! :lol:

and they're off

Still the ref should have more sence than that. Fans in every stadium should now do the same. Maybe after 10 games of fans screwing with games will slowly make the league realize how stupid the rule, refs are.

I wouldn't blame the refs for that. It was a stupid fan. I don't think it was fair to replay the down but what call could they have made so it would be fair? Is there something in the rule book about a situation like this?

The fan whistle actually blew just after the snap; that's why all of the players stopped, except for Pierce and Claremont. However, I agree that calling back the TD to replay the down was the wrong call. They should've penalized the Bombers and given the Lions the ball on the 1. But once again, the refs get things @$$-backwards.

well they were just trying to help there team by blowing a whistle, :wink: they needed it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think, the home town should be penalized. I think there are precidents in pro sports for home teams being responsible to fan conduct. Just cant think of any examples right now. Anybody??

Hmmm....not a professional example, but I'm sure it could apply.....for our WHL team here, the home team can be assessed a bench minor for fans throwing debris onto the ice after an initial warning has been given, at the ref's discretion.....home team being responsible for fan conduct. Does the same apply in the NHL?

Yeah they should have either let the play stand or given a penalty, instead they're like 'can the fan with the whistle please put it away, we're now going to take the t.d off the board because of you, and replay the down.'

I think they get a delay of game penalty now, because of how out of control it used to get with Florida fans when they used to throw rats onto the ice.

Blaming the refs hey well Bomberfans you can add a BC Lion fan to the list! A bit imature are we! Calls go both ways you can not have them go your teams way all the time. Your team won so what the heck is the problem. Nice try Bomber fans it proves those two guys that are missing from your line up were missed. Question what happened to the defense? Oh ya they were out there all night! My arguement years ago with the Stamps. You can have a great defense but when the offense does not move the ball that will wreck a good defensive effort. How many losses is that now?

When I was about 10 yrs old, I went to a hockey game in my hometown and it was "noisemakers" night. I broke my noisemaker , so my friend broke off his noisemaker and gave me the shorter part of it. As I blew into it, it sounded like a ref's whistle. Naturally being a curious sort, I had to try it out. As the home team came over the blue line on a rush, I put all my lung power into making the noise. All the players on the ice stopped, and went after the officials for calling an offside... :lol: ... I did it a couple of more times before someone from the team came to me and asked me to stop. So it can happen, but from the score the called back TD didnt hurt the Lions any... I would say the CFL should look into the fact that the home team gets 15 yds for fan interference.

Maybe the CFL should have special whistles. Maybe a Gong

I'm not a lions fan.

Or a whoopee cushion poor guy boohoo! :lol:

The call certainly did not have any effect on the outcome of this game. However, should have been a penalty against the home team. The home team can be penalized for Illegal use of electronic equipment - I think that is the penalty. Obviously not the same thing, but I'm sure the call/non call would fall under this category.

So then why does this effect you so much? REally calls go both ways. Tonight on that particular play it did nothing for the Lions big deal they won!

Chill Guys, the refs got it right. The fan blew a whistle, everyone stopped so you replay the down. The guys on the radio talked about it and it was done correctly.

Any truth to the rumour that it was Yogi that blew the whistle? :wink: