Sam Young

What do you think the natural response will be in Ivor Wynne when he walks into our house as a bomber in 2 weeks time

Since he probably won't even be playing, not much. Did he leave or did he get run out of town, again no reason to expect any special treatment

I don't really think he's enough of a factor to even elicit a response.

Sam who?Oh yah that guy who didnt even dress for us!

His side of the story is interesting.

Can't find the link now...but his side is a little different than Marcel's.

so whats his side, I don't s*** Marcel does.

He went for a team that would pay him more money, its the CFL its not like he's making millions in winnipeg.

Everyone in this world would go somewhere else doing the same job if it meant getting more money. You do whats in best intrest for you & your family. He didn't diss up Hamilton after he left like some players have. Its plain & simple he went where the money was just like anyone of you would have.

I wish the best for Sam. As long as he gets more picks then Parker from Toronto im happy.

He agreed to a contract and then reneged, pretty simple. His attitude toward the value of his word is different than mine

Found this...but it's not the one I was looking for.

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This agreeing with you thing is starting to become a pattern. :smiley:

I understand that he wants to make as much money as possible, but if he didn't like the contract offer he shouldn't have agreed to it. There is nothing else to say IMO.

leave the guy alone, honestly he didnt wanna play in Hamilton, thats not really anything new. I personally can say I would have done the exact same thing if I was in his shoes.

You got to break it down & just look at the Hamilton Tigercats as a whole. Past few years have been horrible disapointments & the way this season started its looking more & more like another disapointing season ahead, although I will admit this years team looks better than years previous. I love Hamilton & love the ticats but if I were a free agent & every team was pushing for me to sign with them I’d have Hamilton down at the bottom of the list. Until this team can rebuild into a team that can win games, Im not asking for a grey cup or even a playoff game just win some games, until that happens Hamilton will remain the bottom of almost every players list. Its a laughing joke & the people on this board that dont see that are in complete loser denial.

Im a ticat fan through & through & will remain going to everygame like ive done for the past 5 years now but something has got to change or there going to lose more people like Sam Young, but dont critize him for not signing because he made a smart football choice in my opinion.

I agree but I wouldn't have agreed to a contract before taking to othe option tho

He DID sign. That is the whole problem. Apart from talent, I'd like to think we have some guys that have integrity on this team. Obviously his word doesn't mean squat. I don't wish him any ill-will, but if I'd much rather have guys who can be counted on. Quitting because things are not going well exposes a serious character flaw.

whether he verbially reached an agreement with Hamilton is no longer the problem, Im not defending that, personally thats his choice, if he wanted to go back on his word then its his choice & obviously he didnt care so you & everyone else shouldnt care either. The problem I have is people upset & pissed at this guy because he signed with winnipeg, let it go, its over. I applaud his effort & im happy to see he's found a team to play for, & for anyone that doesnt wish the best for Sam Young well & to use a line from you.. It exposes a serious character flaw.

Back_In_Black i think you may be misinformed because it was NOT a verbal agreement...this was pen to paper I will be there type of agreement you dont renag on

"Young played 10 games last year for Hamilton, but the team refused to sign him back because of salary constraints. However, the Ticats recently signed him to a practice-roster agreement and planned to start him against Montreal because the Tiger-Cats had some needs in their defensive backfield."

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Now the point of this thread was 2 see what every1 thought the fans would do when sam came in2 ivor wynne, how ticat players may respond this week when they see wasn't meant to start up this same old conversation that started when he was released on ethical issues.

Go ahead and boo him if you wish, I'll save my breath for, "We want a touchdown over there." Booing will probably only garner a chuckle from him under his breath. He knows he is in what he perceives to be a better place for himself.

But never forget that down and dirty contract negotiations by both sides go on all the time, not only in professional sports but in all arenas in society. Management doesn't always play nice in the meat market. It appears that in Youngs case, Tiger cat managemant put Sam in a predicament by refusing him a timely respectable contract and only offered him a practice roster position with stipulations should he join the roster. Unfortunately for the Cats this probably bought Sam time. Cats then lost the tug of war and Marcel, facing the obvious prospect of a poor season, took it personal and exploded out of frustration.

For these reasons fans shouldn't overreact come the game day.

Thank you. Thats exactly the point ive tried to explain, fans shouldn't overreact. Its not all on Sam here, Management is part to blame as well. Topic Ended.

Management negotiated in good faithe. Young did not. Management may not always be the good guy but in this case they certainly aren't the bad guys. Young knew exactly what he agreed to and chose to renege after the fact. BTW I don't have the power to close the case and neither do you

Sam Young is a fringe player at best and wouldnt of been a Ticat for long after our injured players got back to full strength anyways !!!

Exactly. The worst thing a fringe player can do is prove to be untrustworthy