Sam "The Rifle" Etcheverry RIP

Very sad news. We have lost a legend (link below). May he rest in peace.

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I am certain that the Als organization will be planning many events in his honor. One thing I would like to see is a #92 patch on their jerseys for the remainder of the season. That or the #92 on the helmet. I have already communicated this to the Als organization (moments ago) and would appreciate it if others would support this initiative.


Thanks Rifle for helping make our CFL that much better, I’ll be putting your HoF card on the top of the deck for display for a while. RIP.

Sam Etcheverry brought excitement and skill to Montreal in the mid fifties. Etcheverry combined with Hal Patterson were the best duo with respect to a very exciting passing game. There has been no other Alouette throwing and receiving combination to ever compare with these two giants!

My condolences to his family, friends and fans.. another CFL legend taken from us.. :cry:

I'm too young to have ever seen him play but from what I have heard, he was to football in Montreal as Maurice Richard was to hockey in the 1950s. Don't think you can say much more than that.

RIP Sam.


  • Jack

a #92 on Jersey or helmet is a great idea Robocop :thup: Sam earned it.

Having the team wear a "92" on their helmets or jerseys is a great idea.
I heard Larry Smith mentioning the team would look into a statue when Stadium renovations are complete.
Sam and Hal were childhood idols and probably responsible for making me a lifelong CFL fan.

A statue of Sam throwing to Hal, would be awesome, put each apart 10 yards for a nice setup, that would be nice.

Honouring the Rifle is a GREAT idea! Who else has had a team named after him? The Montreal Rifles of the now defunct Continental League. Sam was a class act on the field and behind the bench!

BTW, we should also complain to the Gazoo about the ridiculous hatchet job done by Pat Hickey the other day.

Correction: The Rifles were in the United Football League. The team in the Continental League was the Beavers (named after the Cleopatra on St. Lawrence! :smiley: )

Yeah that was a sad job, newspapers are cutting coverage now a days, i wish they had done a better job.

They came through with a decal #92 on the helmet. Class organization to honour a legend. Well done. :rockin: