Sam Merulla please shut up

As stated more then a few times it was part of the deal that David Braley made when he sold the Argos that they would get the Grey Cup next year and he would get most of the profits.

Again, I have full faith in the Caretaker and Scott Mitchell that we will get the Grey Cups when it is best for the team.

Sam is a season ticket holder and at every game

Good someone says something for sure and Mitchell is behind Sam with this Motion,
EASTEND Sec 111 Crew will Host a TAILGATE PARTY In Front of City Hall Wed Morning to Help Get the Word out to the CFL Come get your Peameal on a bun and drink for a Donation to Mac Sick Kids 8 AM to 10 AM

“I think it’s very helpful. We’re long overdue to hold a Grey Cup in Hamilton,? Mitchell said. “I think everyone understands how massively successful Tim Hortons Field has been and I think it’s great to hear that council is behind getting the process started.? Seems the Cats Welcome This Motion

I see nothing wrong with a local politician coming out publicly saying Hamilton should get a Grey Cup in the near future.

The more public pressure on the CFL the better.

Good for Sam.

I agree, shut up Sam, and stay out of it. We already know our council is full of imbeciles (save for a few). They usually manage to screw up everything good we have going for the city. I'd prefer the city stayed out of it completely. Just look at the LRT fiasco. The province was willing to throw a billion at us and the council still took to the 11th hour to decide, after submitting a new $300m proposal for a bus mansion ($100m more expensive than any city in Ontario I might add).


Further, as already stated, Toronto gets theirs because of Braley's sale of the Argos, I'm sure Ottawas is due to the new stadium, and then our time. Why don't we worry about having a complete stadium, and then figure out how to expand to 35,000, and then focus on getting the GC.

You do know without the City we cant Host a Grey Cup right ? and how sure are you its our time Regina opens their new Stadium next season
Also dont see the CFL giving Hamilton 2 cups in a 5 Year span 2016 as 1 2017 as 2 2018 as 3 and Braley still holds another Grey Cup for BC, so yes our Time for 2 in 10 years is quickly evaporating

One cup in 43 years! Explain that to me.

Ivor Wynne Stadium was held together with bubble gum and twine.

Everyone really needs to calm down. Hamilton will get a Grey Cup sooner rather than later. Let's get through a full season in the darn thing before we start going nuts over this. A Grey Cup is coming to Hamilton, y'all just have to be patient.

Sam please take a long walk off a short pier.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with Sam here. Just tired of he's constant yamering

MP.. .I rarely disagree or contest anything you post... but why is this a bad thing???
I'm not a Merulla fan, but if this is his only agenda... so what??.. I'm all for it!!

Perhaps I misread your tone in the post?