sam linebacker

Can someone tell me what a sam linebacker is?

Generally, there are three that you'll hear about.

"S" (Sam) is strongside

"M" (Mike) middle

"W" (Will) weakside

There is also more to it, but that's what I know it to be.

"Sam" or strongside is the wide side
"Will" or weakside is the short side of the field
"Mike" is the middle linebacker who is like the Qb of the defence

Correction to dan. The weakside isnt the short side of the field. Your team can call "Strong Right" if they choose to say the strong side of the field has the most eligable recievers or a tightend. its really up to the team, it just makes the Sam linebacker go there. but it has nothing to to with the short and wide sides unless the team chooses it too.