Sam Giguere

I am hoping that finally we will see Giguere in a ticats uniform next year, he will no longer have the option of being on a practice roster of a nfl team, With Giguere, Stala, Carter, Williams, Grant, Kelly, i think we will be pretty stacked at that position, Giguere would be a great addition he's a great talent and the icing on the cake is he's canadian, neways hope to see him catching td's from burris next year :smiley:

It'd be nice to see all right. One thing though, they should still go after Fantusz when he becomes a FA next month and not wait to see if they can get SG. (A bird in the hand, after all...)


Losing Thiggy will definitely hurt the team, thus making Giguere much more of a valuable commodity in TabbieTown.
(and also help offset the loss of NI Rottier)

and if Giguere steadfastly refuses to play for the Cats, as a courtesy he should inform the team of his stance so they can possibly trade away his right to the Als or whomever Sam is receptive.

He is no good to himself nor the Cats by not playing ball and exclusively attending NFL combine camps for the past three years.

I agree it would be nice to see Giguere in training camp but I doubt he'd offset the loss of Thigpen.

Receiver is already one our strong points anyway.

Now if Giguere suddenly develops blazing speed and can field punts on the fly ala Johnny Rogers, then yep, he'll replace Thiggy nicely. :slight_smile:

Giguere was in contention as a returner with the Colts till he hurt himself. Not saying he would be as successful but he's a bigger, faster version of Owens. I'd be surprised if he ever plays in Hamilton or anywhere else in the CFL. He's still has NFL aspirations and even if he's unsuccessful as odd as it may sound he's probably the most popular and "covered" football player in Quebec. He has all kinds of business opportunities once he's done with the NFL. He's even told OB to stop bugging him, that if he wants to play for Hamilton he will call him...

well, Giguere was considered one of the fastest players at the collegiate level although am not savvy to his return skills, whether good or bad.

The man is nearing 27 and has yet to play one single down of pro ball!

NFL aspirations are admirable, yet after 3 years on the practice squad unmerry-go-rounds, it may be wise for him to give the CFL a go.
(if he can make our roster that is)

MINIMUM salary in he NFL was 88 400.00 a year and some earning as much as 425.000.00 a year. So my guess is he made more money on a practice roster than he would have in the CFL. Giguere bought a house in Morin Heights just outside of Montreal last year. The average price of home in Morin Heights is $429.000.00.

He's 26

According to his Facebook site he lives in New York and lists himself as an NFL wide receiver, working out in the off season and working as a personal trainer. Another tryout with the Giants this year.

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He wants to give it a last go at it this season. He will go to the end can't say I blame him at this point.

If he refuses to play for us, I say let's not do him any favours. Trade his rights away to a western team. Why should he get everything he wants?

While you can't blame a guy for trying at some point you're hurting yourself by not understanding the writing on the wall. If Sam couldn't crack a lineup three years ago what makes him think this year will be different?

It is about going to the very end chasing your dream... There seldom is logic to that in football or other. Everyone in the CFL knew Sam was heavily scouted by NFL teams.

Yes, he should maybe do a Fantuz and rack up some impressive stats in the CFL then go back and try the NFL in a couple of years. If Fantuz with his great stats and leading receiver in the CFL last year couldn't make an NFL practice roster then it's going to be tough for Giguere.

Wow. This guy is really humble. :roll: I wonder if the lowly Ti-cats will ever be fortunate enough to have the mighty Giguere grace us with his presence at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Are we even worthy of this god-like being?

Please, please make this the last thread ever about this guy. I can't take the nausea anymore. :x

The guy with this attitude would probably be a dud when he plays in a real game where it counts at a pro level instead of a practice roster sort.

I have no doubt you'd have zero problems telling anyone anything at any time.

That's not very nice :lol:

Obilovich was pesturing him while he was with on a practice roster, that's just not done... I'd have told him the same thing.

How do you know HfxTC?

Of course you have a link to proof of your allegations right?.... right??

Sam has a regular column on RDS website (TSN's Franco counterpart). It was in one of his columns. Last time he gave an update was when he was released by the Giants. He mentionned that the Tiger-Cats had not contacted him that they seemed to "have gotten the message".