Sam Giguere

With this being most probably Cahoon's last year, and I have no idea whats going on with Desriveaux and Deslauriers. Why dont we try and acquire his rights from Hamilton, and try and convince him to sign a contract with us? Im sure he'd love a chance to come home and play in front of his family, that's if he doesnt crap a NFL lineup somewhere down the line.

The Als and the Ticats don't trade...

We used to, long ago. I do recall of course the infamous Patterson for Paquette deal, and later on we traded like almost half the team to get Faloney. Don’t recall a recent trade between the two teams, however.

Comment échanger un joueur qui ne joue pas?

Il est clair que Trestman et ses copains n'ont pas l'intention de faire jouer ni Deslauriers, ni Desriveaux. Surtout dans le cas de Desriveaux, c'est dommage, mais c'est comme ça.

Tillman tried to acquire Watkins from Jim Popp to trade him to Obilovich in return for the first pick overall that he planned to use to grab Dylan Barker first overall and a Ticats employee let the cat out of the bag and Popp pulled the plug on the two critters and has not dealt with them since. However I did see Tillman and Desjardins getting cozy on the weekend, almost puked.

Well I hope they were just having a friendly chat. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone off Edmonton’s roster that I’d be interested in making a trade to acquire. . . Thompson is a solid DHB but with Parker and Brown we don’t need him. . . our receiving corps is stacked so we don’t need any of their receivers; we might be interested in getting some additional D or O linemen, but Edmonton’s been really weak on the lines this season. . . so I don’t see a trade happening with those guys.

Yeah, Edmonton really has nothing that we need at this point in time. Our main need is on the D-line and possibly at cornerback (still not quite sold on Dix).

Edmonton pourrait avoir quelque chose d'intéressant à transiger à la fin de la saison : un premier choix au repêchage.

Encore faudrait-il que les espoirs en lice en vaillent la peine. On n'en sait pas encore beaucoup sur eux, mais je suis persuadé que Popp et ses copains ont déjà sondé le terrain.

Als are always interested in acquiring draft picks and the upcoming draft is rich and Tillman's team will likely be picking quite high...

If the Als need to trade, I think they would offer as trade bait one of our offensive lineman ,which is the one position where they have an excess of Canadian talent.

Als are exceptionally rich at the Oline position with four prospects but Lambert is 34 or so and Scott Flory is up for a new contract, this is why they say you never have enough depth at the Oline position also our operations guys are going to have a big, big job finding money for Scott, Adrian and probably some of the others guys up for raises so these kids may be pressed into service because of SMS and money issues.

I’m a lot more concerned with Tillman starting to waive his green and gold wallet at Flory and Macpherson than anything else.

Rick Moffat on CJAD reported on the weekend that the Als did in fact try to work a deal with Ham. for Giguere but were turned down.
As for salary cap room for 2011, tough as it will be to deal with, I think we can safely say this is Bens last year. And there is also Chius salary, as it was factored in for 2010, as he only retired last minute. Not sure, however, how much Matte and Ihekwoaba are costing.
Will A.C. be asked to take a small cut to ensure keeping McPherson?

In a interview with CKAC sport Sam Giguere said if his rights belonged to the Alouettes he would be playing for them today. Until then he says he will chase his dream and try to play in the NFL and has no intention to play for the Tiger Cats. So, why not try and pick him up? He says he will never play for the Tiger Cats so maybe it would cost us a draft pick to get his rights?

Can't see it happening...

Je crois qu'il a doré la pilule. La vérité, c'est qu'il a une opportunité de faire bien plus que dans la LCF et qu'il va s'essayer tant que cette possibilité va exister.

D'autre part, c'est pas un coup de génie de sa part d'avoir dit qu'il ne jouerait pas pour les Tiger Cats. Il se ferme une porte si son rêve américain s'évapore. Il aurait dû dire qu'il aimerait jouer à Montréal mais que ce qui compte encore plus, c'est de pouvoir jouer. De cette façon, il ne se serait pas fait d'ennemis chez les Tiger Cats, aurait pu signer pour deux ans et on passe à autre chose. Sans compter que les Tiger Cats s'améliorent, eux aussi.

Enfin, il faut bien que jeunesse se passe.

Giguere belongs in Montreal- he will get there eventually.

During the combine, he was interviewed by the Ticats staff and he told them he would be glad to come to Hamllton if he was signed...

Curieux. J'avais cru lire qu'il avait dit que s'il avait été repêché par les Alouettes plutôt que par les Timinous, il ne se serait peut-être pas accroché aussi longtemps à son rêve américain. Ça me semble plus un flatterie qu'autre chose; il serait bien fou de faire autrement.

Says he will try again to get a NFL contract and if that doesnt work, he would love to play for the Alouettes....Now Hamilton give us our guy!

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Jim has already tried to acquire his rights. And Sam drew Obilovich a picture. I bet Obilovich would rather see the guy rott than trade him and improve his team in the process. My guess is he will retire and go coach at Sherbrooke if he fails to make a roster this year.