Sam Giguere

Do you think there is any shot of seeing this kid in black and gold post the NFL cuts...or will he stick on the colts Practice roster...or bounce around the to see him here!!!!

He has been a two year practice squad guy for the Colts. He has all the physical skills, and I suspect that's why they have kept him around. However, he does not have the size that the NFL covets. For that reason alone, I can't see him getting any significant playing time with any NFL team. While he is probably making more money on the practice squad than he would make here, I would think that at some point, he would want to play or move into a different line of work. My gut tells me that his days in the NFL are numbered.

He has 1 more year on the PR before he has to be on the 52 man roster of an NFL team.

I would suspect that he will be Colts property (either PR or 52 man)for the year.

If he doesn't latch on this year, he will go to an NFL training camp next year and more than likely be cut and be here Labour Day 2011 after he has tried all of his options.

I'm starting to think he's another Cory Mace. We'll never see him. So at some point one may consider trading his rights.

Too soon for that IMO...Unless, of course, someone offers something too good to pass up...But why would anyone do that :wink: ?

Doesn’t a three year practice squad guy qualify for a pension? If so then I’d suggest that’s what he’s banking on.

Unless it's the Als. Perhaps the opportunity to play for the Als (most likely his favourite team, the reigning Grey Cup Champions and proverbial Grey Cup finalists for how many years in a row) would be enough of an incentive for him to come back to the league and actually play football rather than sit on a practise roster. Especially if he's already at the point that he will have an NFL pension. And from the Als point of view...they'd probably love to get a "hometown" boy on the team.

Problem is you'll never get more then late round Pick for Sam a 5 or 6
we hang on to his Right unless we trade for a player who can help us now

The Ticats have waited two years, to go this long and trade his right would be too bad. Sam has never said he wanted to play for Montreal. Ticat staff interviewed him at Ecamp and Sam told them he had no problem playing in Hamilton. I'd keep his rights unless OB got an offer he could not refused.

If we can't entice him out of the NFL practice roster world what makes you think another CFL team can? Why would they trade a quality resource for speculation?

I'm not saying Hamilton should bail on this point anyway. But to answer Ockham.....I would bet that given the track records of Hamilton and Montreal, Montreal would stand a better chance at attracting a player to their team. Hamilton may be getting better as a team...but Montreal has been a consistently great team for.....Lord knows I can't remember when they were bad????

I would think he's banking on trying to make the active roster and becoming a third or forth receiver, if his big goal is an NFL pension then I'd prefer we trade his rights asap.

He wants to play and of course the dream of making the big catch from Peyton in the Superbowl is there.

I'll tell you he was really green coming out of college. He would not have made a contribution in the last two years had he been in Hamilton anyway except for special teams maybe... Did we need to see another situation like Chris Bauman's where a talented kid needs to be groomed but is thrown to the wolves ?

Time spent on the practice roster does not qualify a player for a pension. There is a minimum number of league games that a player must dress for to qualify for a pension. At this point Sam has one game in the bank as he played in last season's finale in Buffalo and returned a couple of kicks. His practice squad salary is likely more than what he would have received in his first CFL contract, but he is not really any closer to a pension unless he bought some RRSP's with the extra income.

I do believe a practice squad member gets $5,000 a week - not sure if they get paid for the off season, either way he's getting at least 80 grand a year and is only a couple injuries away from being a starter for the Colts. Can't see why he would come here with that option still open to him.

He dressed lfor two games last season and did very well on kick returns against Buffalo.

Who didn't?



The Colts GM Bill Polian didn’t draft any wide receivers or kick returners and he said if the season started tomorrow, Sam Giguere would be his kickoff return man. :smiley: for Sam but :frowning: for Cat fans.

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