From the Colts' site: PERSONNEL UPDATE
Those not expected to travel or play on Saturday for the Colts are: DE-Raheem Brock, TE-Colin Cloherty, DB-Michael Coe, WR-Sam Giguere, DB-Matt Giordano, RB-Mike Hart, DB-Kelvin Hayden, DB-Jacob Lacey, OG-Ryan Lilja, DB-Bob Sanders (PUP) and K-Adam Vinatieri (PUP). I wish Sam the best(eg making the big money in the NFL)........BUT there is a good chance he will be cut by September 1. He certainly would be a welcome addition to Ticats' receiving core.

8) I wouldn't put too much into the fact that Sam is not playing on Saturday !!
 Obie has already stated that the Colts think very highly of Sam.

 In the event that he is released at some point, I would hope for our sake, that he doesn't pull a 
 Cory Mace move on the Cats  !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Its going to be a very tight squeeze for Sam to make the Colts and if he does will he ride the pines all year again. I think its time for Sam to play CFL ball. :thup:

What about bringing back Pat Woodcock? I saw him this morning on the "A" Channel he was showing the morning hosts some training techniques. The guy looks fit, fast and muscular and only 32. I think he has better talent than most of the Canadians we have now.

He was done and show last year he was done …
Rather wait for Sam if Sam Dose Come Chris is as good as Gone…
We fine at Canadian WR … Stalla Bauman and Hamilton Own Corry Grant …Plus Matt Carter on the PR. Roster

How old is Corry Grant? does it matter if he's from Hamilton?? Bauman?? what's he done? Matt who?
Stalla is good but our only effective non-import right now

Have to disagree with you on this one Tom. Giguere would be a huge upgrade to our receiving corp and Canadian content.

He would be I agree but the colts will add him to Practice Roster
I am Happy with what we have for now

If Hamilton lost 4 Canadian receivers to injury (the Argos managed that in one game earlier this year), that would really hurt the ratio. Hamilton is thin at the Canadian pass catcher position.