Sam Giguere update from Colts Camp

The article link is in French but here are the big lines:

Giguere a fan favorite already and young people asking autograhs calling him by his firt name.

Made catch of the day at camp.

Local media are comparing him to Wes Walker

Dungy likes his ethics,explosiveness and physical play
Will also give him a try as a returner.

Should play at least four Pre-season games since the Colts don't have to make any cuts till then.

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Sounds like he's a keeper, but I do remember similar press for a fella named Lumsden when he was down in it might not be what it seems. But I would not count on him coming here.

If you enter "Samuel Giguere" at, lots of recent articles come up, pretty much all in french.

And if you can get past the sometimes comical automated translation, is useful in extracting the basic upshot of those articles...

the colts play the redskins this sunday at 8 in the HOF game. I typically dont watch NFL Preseason games but i will be watching this one to see how Sam Giguere does.

Same Article Translated to English
Mind you it is very roughly done..

Right now he's listed 5th on the depth chart behind the starter Reggie Wayne. The training camp is going to be a good experience for him but he won't make the team.

I realize it is still very early in camp and depth charts can change a lot, but he is actually listed as the 9th/10th receiver on the chart.

He is only 5th behind Reggie Wayne on the one side.

So it doesn't look good for him. But like many players, his special teams ability will determine whether or not they keep him around.

I wish him all the luck in pursuing his dream. Just to be in camp with those coaches and players will help him a lot.

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Another update:

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(I think "Mousier" was intended as "Monsieur")

"Anyway, if you attended night practice, or the morning practice, here are some things you may have noticed:

Samuel Giguere is fast, runs good routes, and works like a demon. However, he's having trouble catching the friggin' ball, and it is driving receivers coach Clyde Christenson nuts. Dungy has high praise for Mousier Guns, but a receiver who cannot catch is like a porn star who can't... uh... oh, nevermind. Catch the ball, Giggy.

Players the Colts are using as kick and punt returners: TJ Rushing, Pierre Garcon, Samuel Giguere, and Chad Simpson."

There was talk like this while Lumsden was with the Skins, everyday there was articles and fans on their forum talking about how great he looked and Gibbs was talking about how he stood out on every play because of his speed then he got hurt and that was the end for him.