Sam Giguere to be put on Colts practice roster

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good for him.

guess we wont be seeing him in a ti-cats jersey anytime this season.

Ah well, Good for him.

We really don’t need him this season but if he gets cut before next season we could have a very nice Canadian battle to watch in training camp.

Just signed a contract yesterday. Will be placed on practice roster.

Good guess this time Onknight .... lol ....

I still hope he somehow ends up on our roster this season . I hope he doesnt have a wasted career like another Canadian who stayed on a practice roster for almost his whole career .

Tim Tindale didnt make a name for himself down their OR up here when he played in the CFL . Shows you just how different the 2 leagues are when a player who makes it down their and them comes here and has no impact .

was no Guess was told he was going be on it Friday .

He is a project. One hell of a project, no less. Barring injury, we will see him on either side of the border as an impact player given time.

Oski Wee Wee,