Sam Giguere doing well in Indianapolis

Article states that he's received a vote of confidance a couple weeks ago. Currently everyone is healthy but he is close to seeing game action and figures in the team's plans for next season as well. It dosen't appear he will be making a move to the CFL in the foreseeable future.

If that is true, it is a real shame.

So, now that we have the 1st round pick (again) - what is the strategy?
OB says: 'pick the best player'.
I say: 'pick the one who is likely to stick around'.
This doesn't mean he is no good - just that he is someone who likely won't bolt to the NFL.
So - someone with talent, but maybe lacking in size, and/or speed.
What sayest thou, OBIE?

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I agree, sign someone who will be useful to us. That's great that he's doing well in Indianapolis, this has happened to us a number of times though. Jesse Lumsden anyone? After three years of him bouncing back and forth, we never did get a full season out of him. The CFL draft is a funny thing. Draft the best player, and he likely doesn't want to play here anyway. If a young player does excel he will most defintely take a shot at the NFL later. Maybe the secret to building a championship CFL teams is to sign the guys who have gotten that out of their system - talented veterans who have had their shot and won't get another one, but are still young enough to have an impact for a few years. It seems impossible to build a team based on young players in the CFL. I say, draft a Canadian lineman. They seem to be the safest bet. Or maybe, we could trade the number one pick for a vet.

A top Canadian Linesman can contribute for 10 to 14 years. Most of them don't interest NFL teams. Its always the way to go. You can't win without them but you can win without a star Canadian receiver. Its been the rule for two decades.