sam Giguere A Dieu Bud

Great potential... left us waiting for it to be realized.. but occasionally--- when he was 'on his game' it showed...

Great power, good instincts, good blocks and once more... '''great potential' albeit never realized.

(sigh) too bad...

perhaps he will exhibit it with Les Alouettes. but Hal Patterson, he ain't.

:cowboy: Good luck- Sam.. I think you are missing the beginning of a Ticat Dynasty and joining a team on the downside .. .

He sure didn't get what he wanted in terms of length of the deal. He was reportedly looking for a three year deal. Popp has given him one year to prove that he is worth a longer term and not likely the kind of $$ that he wants. The Als spent a pile on keeping Green so everyone else will be playing second fiddle to him! The money only stretches so far!

He was a very good all-around player who performed well and I don't think there are many nationals who can do as many things fairly decently as Sam. But that being said, I would think most people will say he wasn't a real key cog in the Cats success. All the best to him in Montreal.

One thing about him, he's certainly a team player and keeps his ego in check. Did he complain about not getting the ball? What competitor doesn't? But he wasn't a prima donna about it.

I hope he does get the opportunity to get the ball more often and I hope he does well. Just not against us. :slight_smile:

Sometime a change of venue and timing as we know in life is everything.

Would have preferred him to stay but…

If he couldn’t find his “potential” with Cortez, Burris, Collaros, Austin and Condell what the heck is he going to do with Crompton etc ?

People think there’s a magic wand just waiting to be waved and he’ll be dominant ?

I'm no fortune teller, but somehow I knew from the moment we signed him that we were merely grooming him for the Als.

I don't recall any other instance of having an opinion on where a brand new Ticat would end up after leaving the team.

All the best to Sammy.

What if the potential is a versatile guy who consistently gets 500 yards a season ? That's what he is...
As an Als fan that's 300 to 350 yards more than we've been tortured by Eric Deslaurier.

I always had the feeling he would end up with Montreal.
He was a steady, reliable player who came through when his number was called.I wish he could have been given the ball more but we have been well stocked with good receivers and backs. I watched him a lot at practices. He was always in great shape but he did not seem to be a big part of game preparations.
I hope he gets more chances to shine in Montreal. Good luck to him. :thup:

Like ExPat and mr62cats, I was sure the day he finally gave up on his NFL dream that he'd leave the Cats for MTL. The facts that HAM didn't make him another offer, that OTT didn't stay interested long and that, in the end, his only option didn't come with the multi-year deal he wanted I think support what many of us saw, or didn't see, in him while he was here. He may not be on the field with MTL's offence as much as he was with the Cats. However, if he does have something to show, it's likely to come out in front of his many Quebec fans. How he performs when he first suits up against his former team will tells us more.

No other receiver in the league finishes a run like Sam does (said with all due respect to Nik Lewis). Punishing blocks and pounding on tacklers on just about every possession. I doubt the team will get that out of Watt. Less yards per year and a far less physical player. It must have been a $$$ issue.

Good Luck Sam.

I don't like his game. He was a disappointment, ala Chris Baumann

He doesn't seem to have the field sense, and drive to go get the ball.

I'm glad the Ti-Cats did not make him an offer.

I think Spencer Watt is an improvement.

Good luck to Sam Giguere.

Exactly. To me, Giguere will be a success as an Alouette if he posts up the yearly numbers he did in Hamilton.

Another good one we developed and then gave up on, not the greatest message to send to upcoming free agents.
And since he signed with the Als on a one year deal I don't think we're getting the true facts about his offer from KA.
why did we keep him on our neg list if we were just going to let him go for nothing after showing that he does have what it takes.
Count me as very disappointed that we can't develop and keep the good ones

I'm thinking the same way as you Captain Kirk. I met him a training camp a couple of years ago my grandson was wearing his practice jersey from the previous year. I would have thought he would have said something like, hay that's my old jersey it's cool that your wearing it. Not a word just a detached look he was saying why am I here! Carry on Sammy boy you have been replaced.

We should all remember, Giguere was offered an extension and he declined it.
As did Bakari Grant and Dan LeFevour. It was their option to do so.
If Austin didn’t want these guys he would not have offered extensions on their contracts
At the FA deadline Austin quickly got Spencer Watt to fill the much needed NI Receiver position, assuming Giguere was moving on.
Giguere had some real big games for us, a lot of others, not so much.
He has a great opportunity to do well in MTL and will be the darling of the french media and RDS

Giguère est surtout meilleur que Stafford et Johnson. C'est en ça qu'il va contribuer davantage à l'attaque des Alouettes. Giguère est meilleur que Stala ne l'est maintenant, et bien meilleur que Deslauriers. Avec lui, les Alouettes comblent deux besoins : un meilleur 4ième receveur et un meilleur receveur canadien pour le ratio.

Il ne reste qu'à voir si Crompton a assez progressé pour se servir de tous ses outils, mais les Alouettes forment une meilleure équipe cette saison qu'à pareille date l'an dernier.

I agree with you. Crompton is the wildcard in Montreal. Sam may not have the big play skills of Duron Carter and Carter was Crompton’s chuck and duck savior. Without the skill of Carter to get a ball and save a play and the safety blanket that provided for Crompton, the Als’ offence may suffer. Als fans will quickly find out who Crompton really is and if he is an elite QB.

Wow I must have been watching a different guy.

He may have been a decent blocker for us but this guy couldn't break a tackle if his life depended on it.

Very true, but don't forget that Fred Stamps is also in the mix. We've taken a hit with Carter leaving, but Popp has done his level best to compensate. With Giguere and Stamps in the fold, Crompton won't lack for targets. I don't myself think Crompton is elite or even a long-term starter, but he'll be given every opportunity to prove himself. If he falters, it won't be because we don't have the horses.