Sam Giguere 2 year deal

Signed with the New York Giants.

He will have to make the active roster to keep his job as he has already spent the 3 year max. that the NFL puts on practice roster players.

Another american option for him is the UFL as they now have a feeder league agreement with the NFL. From what I know of the UFL though he will make less there than the CFL but it keeps him closer to another NFL shot if this one doesn't work out. Many UFL players only make 25-30K per year and the CFL minimum is 41K. Sam certainly seems like a guy who will weight every single NFL option before the CFL.

Maybe he just loves to practice and doesn't care if he ever actually plays in games. Heck, he played as recently as 2007, so no hurry to get back on the field.

This passage from Wikipedia is a little funny.

After spending the entire 2008 season on the practice squad, Giguère was re-signed to a future contract on January 5, 2009. He was once again waived during final cuts on September 5, only to be re-signed to the practice squad two days later.[4] He was released from the practice squad on September 9, re-signed on September 12 and released again on September 16.[5] He was re-signed on September 27. He was released three days later, and re-signed to the practice squad on October 6, only to be released the next day. He was re-signed to the practice squad on October 14 but released again the next day. He was re-signed again to the practice squad on October 23 but released again the next day. He was re-signed to the practice squad on October 30.

I am all for players pursuing their dreams to play at the highest level of their chosen sport, but at what point do you admit to yourself that it just isn’t going to happen?! I think Giguere just might be there…Whether he sees that or not may be a different story. I think if I were in his inner circle I might suggest he give the CFL a try.

He needs one more year to qualify for a pension and the Giants have promised him a spot at camp, so I think it makes sense for him to continue with the Giants. He will know where he stands by september anyway. He's worked really hard at it...