Salvation Army Food Drive

Just wanted to ask everyone coming to the game on Saturday if they could kindly donate a non-perishable food item to the "Salvation Army Pre-Thanksgiving Food Drive" It is quite sad when you realize that 20% of the population in Hamilton lives below the poverty line and The Salvation Army is experiencing more than 25% increased demands on its food bank supplies this year. If we could all bring in one canned good it would really make a difference for this organization! Every little bit helps! I know the fans donated huge amounts of food for the last food drive, while Thanksgiving is drawing near lets pull together again and see what we can do!



Food bank donations are one of the best ways to assure that your gift gets straight into the hands and mouths of whom you intended to benefit.....and sometimes within mere hours...

I'd like to remind people that the local food banks usually take gifts of fresh produce out of your vegetable gardens also.....of course the drive Karyn mentioned for this game can only take non-perishable items, but think about that bumper crop of tomatos or cucumbers in your back-yard this year and take a basket or two down to your local food bank personally......the kids whose families are struggling can really benefit from home grown food.....and hey, drop by your local apple farmer and grab a bushel of great Ontario (or wherever you are) apples to add to the mix....

hope everyone out there in Ticat land is well.... :smiley:

(nice topic Karyn) :thup:

....your good heart is on your sleeve as usual

And also things like disposable diapers, tubes of toothpaste, soap, etc. I know it's not food but everyone needs the latter and young families can sure use the nappies.

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Thanks for the support Mikey, BarneyFife, these families are really in need of anything we can offer! The Salvation Army is a great organization that helps thousands of families in Ontario and the rest of the world! Please give generously to support this cause!!!

Will they have staff at the gate to collect the food and also will they take cash donations.

Bump…bring food!