Salute To Corey Grant

Genuine stories get lost amongst the extraneous junk and "what's your favourite colour ?" type threads in here....

So here's to a great CDN , local stalwart and Grey Cup champion who retires as a Tiger-Cat.

A salute to a great career.

Thanks for so many great memories Corey, it’s too bad that you couldn’t stick around for one more ring.You deserve it.Cheers in your life after football :thup:

Two time GC champion. Forgot he won one with SSK in 07

Thanks for the memories Corey. All the best in your future endeavours.

wish him the best.

Didn't he walk away in the prime of his career to greener pastures???

I am going by memory but Corey I think left the Cats after 3 years and signed as a UFA with Montreal in 2002.
He came back last year in a very limited role for the 2009 season.

I was PO'd when he decided to walk way back then. Don't know the reason(s) but as a fan I hate to see good players leave.

I feel for some of the other guys that are told that they are no longer needed more so then a Corey Grant.
Guys that want to be here and are told to go.
The Tre Smith's, Terry Caulley, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morreale, Dave Hack, even Dan Goodspeed....100's of examples I am sure.
These are the guys that I feel for and not the local guy who left won a cup and came back and retired.

Congratulations on a solid career Corey...not a great one...sorry for sounding cold.

Thanks for you time in The CFL and also as A Ticat

I am sure Corey shows the same enthusiasm for teaching as he did for playing football. I’ll always remember the end of the 99 Grey Cup with Corey declaring that he was going to get a ring. He was a credit to Orchard Park in Stoney Creek and Wilfred Laurier. Congrats to you Mr. Grant on a fine career. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I had the opportunity of playing with Corey for the Stoney Creek Bombers when I was a twelve year old and against him when he played at Orchard Park. He was pompous back then, but a true talent nonetheless. He was a spectacle to watch. Even as a youngster I knew he would make it to the big league. It was certainly nice when he won in 1999. He is very talented and should continue in my opinion, but c'est la vie!

I had the pleasure of working out along side of Corey at the gym. I found him to be quite congenial.

Thanks for a great career, Corey and much success to you in the years ahead.

The guy had an excellent career, making the most of his talents and he leaves on his own terms. Sounds pretty good to me. Congrats Mr. Grant.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bizarre. Even in a congratulatory thread there has to be a shot at TiCat fans.

I was looking forward to watching Corey this year and wish him all the best in future endeavors.

Congratulary thread? Sure is. I'm relieved he's not part of our depth chart anymore. Kudos on his accomplishments with Sask and Montreal......
Another Tiger-Cat that bails on the team in his prime with something to offer (morrellie being the other) that comes back when they are next to useless. Retire or get released. Which is less embarrassing? At 34 yrs old, Cory made the right decision.


Never matched the stats or lived up to the promise of that good first season (but that was on a very special team 8)), yet went on to be a fairly dependable and steady role-playing receiver when called to duty over the remainder of his 11 seasons in the league. Congratulations on a fine career Corey.

In 1998, a native of Stoney Creek, then a student at Wilfrid Laurier University, saw his favourite CFL team lose the Grey Cup game. What he did not know then is that the next season, he would join that team, and help them win a Grey Cup.

And so now the last player left from that 1999 team has retired. It would have been good to see him get at least one more Grey Cup ring here.

But I would like to thank him for his contributions here.

The point is the OP never misses an opportunity to insult TiCat fans. We get more respect from blue team fans.

Drop your morals crusade schtick for another day.

Let Grant have the thread.

Stats :

Gladly. Soon as you drop your incessant attacks on the fan base.

leaving on his own terms - I salute him for that, he's probably at least fairly intelligent.

There is the possibility that Grant has actually not played his last game here, according to Drew's post here: ... ewing.html

Here is a quote from that post:

Grant isn't 100 per cent sure he's done and Marcel left the door open a sliver yesterday. If there are injuries to the Ticats Canadian receiving corps, he may very well get a call: he keeps himself in shape, knows the system, is good in the room and will do anything and everything you ask him to. And he loves to practice.
I understand that after Morreale was released, he spent the rest of the season ready to be brought in, waiting for that call. The situation with Grant may be similar. And I think Grant will be brought back if our NI receivers get injured.