Salute to A.J. Gass

After all that has happened, I thought I would give Gass at least one bouquet. During the Rider/Eskimo game on July 28, the half time show was TIM BITS SOCCER. As our kids were getting off the field at the end of half, the Eskimos were coming back on the field. I expected them to be owly and unruly, but in fact they were great. They were giving the kids high fives and generally encouraging them. A.J. was particularly positive and friendly to the kids.

My point - He may employ questionable conduct on the football field, but I gained new respect for him as a person when I saw how he dealt with the kids.

Nice post, Rider. It just goes to show you that you can't judge a person solely on his conduct on the field. :slight_smile:

He still deserved his suspension.

I was totally working during the game he was suspended for but the suspensions are USUALLY handed out properly. . . but like I said before, I enjoy ugly, dirty football.

In fact I like a lot of things ugly and dirty: football, baseball, hockey, fights, hockey fights, trucks.

Not women. I like my women clean and pretty. What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah AJ Gass. Good luck AJ.

...good story fanatic, its pretty clear that AJ isn't a monster, he just seems to lose it on the field at times....

I would not allow the roid rage specialist around my kid.

...If Gass took the attitude that he had with the kids, to the Esks. game long do ya think he'd last....It really amazes me sometimes, how different a player can be and on the field...In this case it sounds like Gass has a gentler side...good on him.... :thup:

Or worse, if he took the same attitude he has on the field and applied it to the kids... [shudder]!