Sale is done and the Gleiberman are back!

Well this is better then having no team right! What is your thoughts Ottawa fans only!

Sorry, I have to make a comment after I stopped laughing:

Goobye Ottawa Renegades.

Well, apparantly BCCFLFAN didn’t understand that Ottawa fans only were supposed to respond.

Since I am a massive Renegades fan, this is a good thing. Ottawa finally has some ownership that has some money. Hopefully they will be able to turn things around on the field and get the fans back. Nothing sells tickets like winning.

I must say though, that the sale is not done. The sale between partners is done (Gillies and Smith) but the Glieberman’s have not yet officially purchased 51 percent of the team.

Hmm… excuse me… this sale, if it goes through to the Gliebermans (lol) effects the whole image of the league, so I think other fans have a right to comment on it not just Ottawa fans. Afraid of the responses you will get know doubt.

All the Gleibermans need to do is put a winning team on the field, if Ottawa wins this whole love/hate relationship will end. Winning is the recipe that will strengthen the Gades in 3 years this team has done nothing and it’s obvious current ownership is incapable and unwilling to do what is necesary to put a winning product on the field. There isn’t enough history for this franchise to make the Ottawa citizens loyal to the team. If Ottawa begins to win the crowds will fill the seats period.

Wow I did not know that Ottawa was in BC or Calgary maybe you guys should read the post again.

I think the Glieberman’s are the lesser of two evils…the current ownership uncertainty or no team. I’d rather have the likes of Bob Young, but I’ll take the Glieverman’s for now. I hope they bring Tillman back.

Idontseeanyotherereasonwhy the gilbiermans would buy the team other to
move it to windsor cause they wher talking about opening a team there

I’ll respond. Although I am an Esks fan, I am also a CFL fan and we need Ottawa in the league. They were around when I started watching CFL football so I’m not really sure what calgaryred means when he says there is not enough CFL history in Ottawa to sell the game. Has he ever heard of guys like Russ Jackson or Toney Gabriel, just to name two.

If the Gliebermans are what is needed this year to keep the team afloat then so be it. Who knows, perhaps this time they will get it right. Although I don’t know for sure, but willing to bet they have lost money on the CFL previously. Either they are complete suckers for punishment or they actually have honest intentions and are fans of the league and the game. Perhaps they should be given the benefit of the doubt (for now) by the Ottawa fans and supported and lets see if that makes a difference this time around.

If the fans support the team 100% I would hope that would motivate the owners to keep the team in Ottawa and work towards putting a consistent winner on the field.


Jesus Christ, I shake my head. Are Ottawa fans on this site so desperate to save this team that they will accept any solution offered to them? The truth is that Wright sat back with his finger up his ass watching how black it could get ignoring the situation here for over a year. Now, he is left with no alternatives. THEY DID EXIST! In fact more than one, but the league would not take a firm position! Why? Because all these groups insisted that the current owners must be purged. The Gliberman’s, on the other hand, were the only interest that would accept an association with this group – specifically Brad Watters. Don’t kid yourself, Gilligan Gliberman did not just recently come on to the scene. He has been skulking around with Brad throughout last year. It is all corrupt. Example: What chance does this team have when all the marketing will be done exclusively by you guessed it Brad Watters – and he is going to do it out of Toronto. A very generous contract that the Gliberman’s will honor!
What have these clowns learned? FORREST GREG IS GOING TO BE VP OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS. It is beyond ridiculous. Greg has not contributed anything significant in football since Moby Dick was a minnow for Christ sakes.
You can say all you want that you are going to support this team, but the average fan is skeptical and while I believe they would be patient if a reputable ownership interest came to town, the Gliberman’s have a very limited period of grace. On the field, get serious, this team is in trouble and it is coached by one of the most incompetent buffoons in football. ERIC TILLMAN WILL NOT COME TO TOWN IF JOE PAOPAO IS PART OF THIS ORGANIZATION, period, yet Gregg has committed to Paopao.
I also know for a fact that no serious corporate sponsors are going to affiliate themselves or their products with these imbeciles.
The Gliberman’s are a loose fitting band aid, a path that that should have been prevented by the league. I hope I’m wrong, but you have to think practically and long term.

hopefully thell get it right this time and the gades can have their share of winning seasons and cup wins in this decade.

Bad-Gaited, thanks again for your insight, as cynical at is may be. For the team’s sake, I hope you are a little bit off on your assessment.

The sale like mentioned above is not complete with the Gliebermans yet just the other owners. The rest sits in the hands of the League. Either they cover the 51% or they let Bernie take it. And he can afford to take it MUCH MORE than the League can. FURTHER MORE… as far as comments about the Glieberman’s go. I have made a post on this site as well as the CFL’s informing people about the true situation in Ottawa from the Glieberman’s time there. Isuggest you read it before you make any comments! I’m SO sick and tired of people who “THINK” they know what happened flappin the gums about S#!T they don’t know anything about! THE CITY OF OTTAWA screwed the Ottawa football fans, NOT BERNIE! Sure Lonnie may be a case of his own. But Bernie had a lot of very good ideas and most importantly the $$$$$$$ to do it! Anyone who does not want an owner that has good intentions and the money to support a team for a long time as far as I’m concerned is a F$#K’IN IDIOT!!!

I read your stupid post for God’s sakes and agree with what others have said; that Bernie’s original dream was nothing more than an idealistic impractical fantasy. B fetch a paper bag and breath deeply. Again Again Again – Is that better? Now, go brush your one tooth.

The latest bit of retardation to come out of the Gliberman’s camp, is that one ticket price will be levied regardless of where one sits in the stadium – North Stands or South, covered from the element or not, 55 yard line or the goal line. Simplification, Loonie called it. If he chooses to set prices at the lower end, meager revenues will be further taxed; if he averages out the price and raises them further for those sitting in the cheapest seats – well Good Luck. Simple guy - simple ideas.

I, frankly, look forward to the Gliberman’s rejoining the CFL. Those two ass clowns should be more comical than Sherwood’s Second City act in Toronto three years ago. He had a lot of money too and sure left the Argos in a solid state. I have also discovered that no professional team sports owner has ever been responsible for the demise of 3 franchises in the same league. A distinction they well likely earn. :<(

Once again… a simpleton reading the news papers thinks he knows it all. I’m sure you’ve called all the plays that work during the Grey Cup and Super Bowl too huh… Bernie sold the team in Ottawa to Bruce Firestone who sold it to Horn Chen who um… let it fold over cause noone else wanted it. Why? Cause nobody wanted a team that couldn’t make profit. Hence why local business tycoon Micheal Copeland never raised a hand. Why couldn’t Ottawa make a profit? Hmm… there seems to be a decent fan base there so that can’t be the cause. Sure they haven’t produced anything on the field since Christ was a cowboy, but that’s not it either. So what’s left… The city of Ottawa wants to much of the pie! Why did the Sens leave the Civic center so soon for Kanata? Why did the Central Ex leave??? Cause the city of Ottawa wants nothing to do with sports. Why else would a city approve the building of old age homes across from Lansdowne Park on bank street instead of the hotel that was proposed. Cause they want the stadium closed. All the little yuppie Glebites don’t like the racket it supplies or the parking down their streets. Further more the team in Shreveport closed because the City wouldn’t live up to it’s agreement and fix Independence Stadium. Also the fact that Larry Smith ran the league into the ground by expanding into the US before a major tv contract was made really helped things out. I mean who wants to watch Canadian football in Las Vegas for christ sakes. It’s 110 degrees out. But the fact that he profited himself was fine with him. So as for those little stats of yours, like I’ve said a million times, get the facts Danno!

High_Five I totally agree with you. I was/am a huge fan of the Rough-Riders all my life (I live in Sudbury and would attend one game per year) and missed having a team to cheer for. Now that we have them back I would hate for us to lose them again. Let’s give them a chance hopefully they learn from the mistakes made the fist time around. I would like Tillman back also but they need to let him do his job. 8)

I agree - Can they be any worse then the owners right now who have ZERO cash & are putting this team behind the eight ball before they hit the field.

It would be a huge PR move to bring back Tillman too!

the Gliebs are back, may the Gades Rest In Peace.

Better the G-men then no team! Open up the wallets boys! Let’s compete!

GEEZZZZZZZZZ… I have been to many OTTAWA games, to see the ARGOS play…BUT , some of you , SOUND like the, OTTAWA press…

The CFL needs OTTAWA , and can you just imagine the BAD press for the CFL, if OTTAWA folded before or during the season?

Lets give them a chance . I think that they have learned from last time and the GIBS. don’t have TOTAL control any way…


P.S…I have been to 12 GREY CUPS and OTTAWA 2004 was the BEST one that I have EVER been to… BAR NONE. WHAT A GREAT PARTY it was!