Yo people!

Does somebody know, how much a CFL player earns in a month or a year?



The average salary is around 80,000 per season. Rookies and backups less, starters generally more with starting QB's reportedly making up to 400,000.

400.000 Can Dollars a year? If yes how many US Dollars are that

Is it hard to be drafted in the CFL ??

were gonna be PAR soon enough...then we'll take over..muHAHAHA

Ìs it hard to join the CFL ?

Not if you are good enough.

400 000 Canadian would be about 398 000 American and soon to be even less. To be drafted you have to be Canadian and to be American you have to be a last cut from the nfl. If you want to be an owner and join that way if your asking you would need at least 20 million Canadian and further proof you have more money tyo back up a bunch of loosing seasons and a city to play in and it must also have a stadium.

What else makes up their total comp. package (e.g. benefits? free tickets to home games?)

Not many now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you planning on joining the Argos?? LOL. Well if so, they usually have 1 or 2 open tryouts during the off season to find that diamond in the rough. I can't recall anyone ever making the team this way though. Fact is less than 5 percent of college athletes play pro ball and that includes the CFL.

dont u mean, 'even more now'?

I joined the CFL quite a while ago, as a fan that is. :lol:

muhahahahaha we are at 1.10 to the american dollar