Salary Management and Draft order

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The jist of it is that the Bluebombers were the only team over the cap:

"The Winnipeg Blue Bombers exceeded the salary cap by $44, 687 and have been fined $44,687."

Here is the draft order that is scheduled for May 2nd. This is the first round:

1. Toronto Argonauts
2. Saskatchewan Roughriders via a trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3. British Columbia Lions
4. Saskatchewan via a trade with the Edmonton Eskimos
5. Hamilton forfeits this pick by virtue of choosing Weber State Offensive Lineman Zac Carlson in last year's supplemental draft.
6. Calgary Stampeders.
7. Winnipeg via a trade with Saskatchewan
8. Montreal Alouettes

Great post again Thryllin interesting …note by contrast the NFL with an uncapped year this coming season and who knows if some team almost “buys” a championship akin to the Cowboys in the 1990s and as we see often in baseball, but still you have to win it on the field of course.

The cap and salary management in most years is also why in the draft, at least in the NFL, some of the best positional players are not taken as highly as they would be. Sometimes for example there is undue favouritism for defencive linemen in that regard at the expense in draft position and the money that would go with it of some wide receivers and definitely the most underappreciated position – safety.

Now in an uncapped year we see in the NFL draft at least this year more of the true market dynamics at work, which will be the only time in a long time we’ll see that in the NFL for we can’t take for granted yet an ugly labour situation with a lockout looming next season barring a new agreement that will include new caps.

I am not sure what the respective favouritism and biases are by position in the CFL in the draft with the salary cap if any, as the dynamics in the CFL of course are different given the import rules in the mix. Anyone have guidance?

There are biases in the draft, but it has more to do with position than SMS concerns. There are positions that are typically occupied by Canadians: O-line, Defensive Tackle, safety, fullback, receiver, kicker…and, with the possible exception of the last, players in those position tend to get taken higher than an equally talented player at another position. Canadians at tailback, corner, starting LB, and of course QB have tended to get undervalued in drafts.

Although, this has changed a bit in the last couple years, where a couple of players have been good enough to buck these trends.

I'm just wondering how long we will enjoy the "legal in the CFL" blurb.

Contrary to popular belief, whine does not improve with age. :cowboy:

It is interesting to try and keep up with draft news but I usually get lost in the mix. I don't get to follow the college ball scene in Canada much, so I don't really know who is good until the news tells me a few days before.

in a side note, I was hoping the Riders pick last year, the Ram's QB Orton would get some attention after being pushed back to the college scene for a season.

if anyone was wondering, the draft will be on TSN next week live!