Salary limits/Positions

I agree. What do you think that should be? $2M?

I'm more a fan of a severance (buy out). Something like half a season's pay for guys with 24 months of service or less and one season's contract worth for those with more than 24 months at a given position. You could exempt a portion of that from the CAP.

Let's say you fire Dan Hawkins after 6 games, he gets a half a season's pay but you can Milanovich after the season, he get's a full season's pay but only half of either payments get's counted against your cap. So there is a penalty to discourage firing people but not to the point where it hampers you to field a staff.

There already was before the dollar lost 25 points. A lot of players end up getting offers and saying no thanks. This of course just makes it worse. a 75 cent dollar means that they move out of their own country for half the year, maintain 2 residences (many do) and make 3 or 4 grand more than minimum wage back home...tough sell...the only 2 real motivations to play are an extreme desire to play more or believing it will lead to an NFL shot.

on a side note...the minimum wage increase is crazy. Inflation is going to be through the roof for the next couple of years. The rich get richer because they will charge more (and legitimately will need to to cover the additional huge hike in wages), some businesses will not be able to afford it and just close the doors, the "skilled" work force will end up with a huge hike or risk unionization. Hiking minimum wages in a huge spurt doesn't give people more wiggle raises the poverty line (more specifically it grows the wealth gap because people above the poverty line get closer to it, and people below it will get above it...until inflation catches up after 1-2 years and they are back at it), creates inflation, makes the rich richer. People making minimum wage will get caught up and maybe a little ahead...but then the cost of basically everything starts hiking up...guess what...they are now at the poverty line again. Minimum wage should be set at the poverty line and adjusted with inflation...sorry, people with minimal skillsets get paid minimally. We may all be created equally, but some evolve more than others for various reasons...some fair, some not.

"Limit number of coach, scouts, office staff"? Are you kidding? So let's see what we can do to make our product worse, rather than better

Right because GM and HC salaries going up four folds has made the game better lol!

I've seen some NFL teams now have coaches for both inside and outside linebackers or one for safeties and one for corners.

I don't know that CFL teams crying poor need to get to that degree of specialization so on that level, I agree with HfxTC. No need to reduce the amount, but if you're not going to cap the salaries, at least cap the amount of coaches you can hire.

I'm a firm believer that the more coaches you add, the tighter, more boring and predictable the game will become. One of the charms of this league was how creative and different teams were from one another. Now they are increasingly becoming carbon copies of each other and to make it worse in the CFL with all the recycling of coaches, you get recycling of ideas. A player like Charles Roberts , Damon Allen or Doug Flutie could never flourish if they came in this cookie cutter league today.

Owners are paying more for that ???

Good point, and a few sources within individual team management stated as much in an article that came out a few months back.

Come on now. The entire line makes about the same as the QB. If your going to start somewhere by capping positions, start with the Quarterbacks.

First , that's 10 percent of the cap !
Second, If you capped QB salaries to 250k MAX. Teams would be able to develop and retain a proper backup QB's and we would not see the shiat shows we saw last year.

Yes. Take Austin for example...he is a great coach. No chance he is back in the CFL for 200k. The people steering the ships need to be paid well or you are left with subpar development and the brutal old boys club that was around the league for far too long.

If there was a CAP for a HC in the CFL and a nice pension plan. Austin would still be exactly where he is. at least most of them. I don't know why people buy a different logic than that applied to players. People say well no point in increasing salaries for CFL players because the reason they are here is because they can't make the NFL and the CFL can't compete anyway.

Well its the same thing for most in football ops in Canada too so why overpay ??? There is not ONE GM or HC in this league that deserves to make the money he's making with maybe the exception of HOF Wally Buono and even that, its on standing, past accomplishments and seniority alone.

say what? The average for a starting QB is probably around 400...probably under. A team with 3 NI OLmen is above that in 3 players, often on par with the top 2 paid

As far as paying your backup QB more...I disagree...they leave for opportunity to play generally, not pay....because playing = more pay. Jennings is the perfect example. He didn't have an issue at 75K or whatever...but now that he is pegged as a starter he is saying c'mon...get real....and Wally seems to agree with him...they just need to determine a price somewhere in the middle.

Don't get me wrong...I fully want to see the base go up...100% support that...but just raise the base and the problem solved. If they raised the base to 65-70k it forces teams to pay those top earners less. I see no need to start mandating individual caps, because it fixes itself by compensating the ones making little. Also looks a lot better image wise for the CFL to "help the low end earners" as opposed to "slapping the franchise players" and being called bush league because of it. One is going to be viewed as positive publicity, the other as negative.

Further, why restrict open market bidding? If someone wants to pay through the roof in one area and restrict themselves in ability to retain better players elsewhere...that is a strategy in itself