Salary dumping across the league

So we've seen this happening in both TO and Hamilton. And to some extent in Saskatchewan and a little in BC. But has anyone heard if there has been any movement in Calgary or Edmonton?

There'll be no salary dump in BC and Montreal because both teams signed a bunch of their veteran players right before the salary management system came into effect. Any signing bonuses on contracts signed before this date (I think it was in Grey Cup week)were exempt from the SMS, if I understand correctly. So guys signed for post-cap salaries, but took home pre-cap bonuses. Calgary and Edmonton may have done the same thing, I don't remember.

This means that teams flush with talent and cash were able to pay big signing bonuses to lock up their talent for the foreseeable future while at the same time not blowing all of their salary cap space.

While it was possible that our owner might have been willing to fork out for some big signing bonuses to lock up our best talent...I don't think there was anybody they really wanted to keep that badly who wasn't already under contract for a while.

I fear that the upshot of all of this is that teams like BC and Montreal are going to be very strong for at least the next 2-3 years until all of those contracts expire and they are no longer reaping the benefits of this little signing bonus window that opened up.

Translation: Geroy Simon, Buck Pierce, and Brent Johnson won't be wearing the other kitty logo in the CFL (the one we care about) anytime soon.


I think I may be missing something in terms of teams dumping salaries. Why would this be necessary in view of the fact that the salary cap has been raised across the league to $4.02
million dollars per team? Wouldn't this allow for higher player salaries?

I'm sure I must be missing something, since so many on this site have expressed worry over exceeding the cap.

Can someone please set me straight?

I think the issue is that for the first time in modern history, the salary cap is going to be enforced in some way.

Previously, it was just a hypothetical cap, so the fact that it's been raised doesn't matter, it will still be less than some teams were spending in previous years.


(red24) I think the issue is that for the first time in modern history, the salary cap is going to be enforced in some way.
Thanks, red24. I must say, however, that the CFL's forcing of adherence to the salary cap is something I'll believe when I see it.

The Toronto Argonauts always found a way around it in the past, eventually followed by the rest of the CFL, and they will continue to lead the league in beating this rule.

Hey Commish: Prove me wrong!

That is certainly a valid point, it's been common for GM's to say "salary cap? what salary cap?" or so it seems.

There does seem to be something different about the latest attempt to have a SMS though, I can't put my finger on it. Of course it could all change quickly.

One thing that the owners may have figured out is that there'll never be more teams than there are now, nor will some of the existing franchises survive, if they don't do something. How many bankruptcies in the last 5 years?


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