Salary Disclosures-Good or Bad?

Currently the CFLPA does not provide a salary listings for the players.
What do you think would be the benefits or negatives of doing so?

How would it impact CBA negotiations if at all?

I'd prefer the CFL didn't disclose the salaries of the players. CFL salaries are not germane to the game, it makes little difference is a player is making $80k or $120k. In other major league sports with the players making multi-millions, then the cap machinations are probably more interesting than their games.

It would make the cap more transparent and abuse evident.


The only result I can see coming from publishing salaries would be additional ammunition for people insulting players, allowing them to also include the "No way is he worth x dollars" comments in their tirades.

We fans don't need to know what they make. We also don't need to know what the total team salary is; only the league, which is responsible for managing the salary cap, needs to know.

I would be in favor of disclosure of some of the larger contracts like QBs and/or some star player. Nobody needs to hear about some guy on special teams earning $60,000.

In my mind it would certainly help in player negotiations. I have no idea how players or agents can negotiate without knowing salaries of comparable players and performances. Maybe the agents and players are privy to salary grids. However I'm sure those grids would have leaked if that was the case.

I suspect we may be surprised how many players are closer to the minimum of $46,000 than we think never mind the $60,000 mentioned above.

There are lots of comments on here that so and so is not worth X. How do we know? Maybe we shouldn't know.

Certainly I can see why teams and the League admin doesn't want salaries published.

I think players should know. I don't really care if the public do. But it may help CFLPA gain public support in negotiations if salaries were published. Whether that's good thing in a still- vulnerable league is debatable I guess.

Full disclosure of salaries and perks would be the ONLY way to to take the SMS seriously. Without it the league can make up any numbers that it wants and tell us that everyone is playing nice and fair (maybe hand out a small fine or 2 once in a while to make it look good) when in reality we could have 3 teams right at 4.2, 3 teams with not enough money to spend 4.2 and 3 teams way over. And I'm sure that something similar to this scenario has happened at least a couple of times in the last 10 years but we were lied to.

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No it’s not. It’s the owners who fail to disclose salaries. Other sports leagues did the same for decades, but were eventually forced to through collective bargaining, but with the CFL being stuck in the 1950’s that isn’t going to happen unless the players association grow a pair and force their hand

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I always thought it was the PA that blocked publication of salaries, not the league.

Grow a pair? Why grow a pair?
Why would the union demand that salaries became public?
Sure the union would want to have the info internally but there is no reason for it to be public.
Your salary is private....why should this be public4

By the way....when I say union, I don't just mean the union execs.....I mean them and or the players

Yes grow a pair.
Leagues for decades his salaries for the sole reason to keep salaries down. They outright lied to players about how much other teammates were making. It was used as a form of control over player costs and it worked masterfully in all pro sports for multiple decades.
And no actually there’s plenty of reasons to have it known publicly. Again see histories of the NHL, NFL, MLB, among others to see exactly why :wink:.

Like what?

Why is it anyone's business what the player makes
Teams lied about salaries to keep salaries down?
That does not really make sense.
I am going to pay Fred 10 dollars and tell you I am paying him 8 to keep salaries down, well if I am paying Fred 10 and not 8 I am not exactly keeping salaries down

But the bottom line it is no-ones buisness what anyone makes. Do you know what your co-workers make?

It’s other player’s “business” to see what the marketplace will bear in terms of salaries.
Remember pro athletes aren’t like regular workers. They don’t get an hourly wage and work 9-5. They get whatever the market will pay them. Without knowing what another comparably player is making, you have no idea what you are truly worth on the open market. Again owners of other pro leagues used this to their advantage to deflate player salaries.

Easy. Because if Fred is the best player on the team and you think he’s making $8 then you sure as heck ain’t gonna ask for $9 because he is a much better player than you are. So you take the $6 deal the team offers you cause you think that’s fair when in reality you’re actually being paid at a much lower rate than a player of your caliber would usually fetch on the open market.

I disagree 100%

So do I

OK for the sake of argument I will agree to your points, but...that can all be handled internally....I have no problem if the owners inform the union....they don't need to inform the public

But under a ca salary cap-and-floor system, I don't think it really helps keep salaries down.

As a fan, I wouldn't mind having the salaries revealed. It gives us something to talk about and play armchair GM.

But I also understand the players' desire to keep their income private.

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Duly noted. All pro athletes including CFL players disagree 100% with you.

Also, unless you’re in sales or work on commission, no you don’t

That’s great and all but the owners don’t inform the union either. They fight it all the way

It makes a difference even in a salary cap world because again players are compensated individually. To each individual player it matters to them to know what other players in their situation and or position or making. That way it gives them an idea of what they are truly worth on the open market and subsequently can ask for in a contract.

Secondly as has already been mentioned it’s not the players who want to keep their salaries private it’s the owners

Which part

And you know this how?

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Because I followed the league and I know players have complained about this in the past?
And I also know the history of all other pro sports leagues that Have done the exact same thing.

I follow the league as well and I have never heard a player complain about the league not releasing their salary!

Bottom line, its none of anyone business how much a player makes, not the players and not the public And again, it still does not make it the public's business