Salary Cap?

Im not sure how the Cap works! Do different teams have different Cap limits!? It seems like Sak is signing alot of salary dump players! Or dose the cap not take affect tell the season starts?

umm guess pretty sure they dont count until the season begins, but the one thing id be concerned with here is the guys sask is signing are probably signing for big bonus money. it was reported dorsey got 60,000… i can only imagine what bates simpson and goodspeed got aswell.

i dont think these salarys count towards the cap until the players make the team but at the same time, if the riders are handing out bonus’s to guys in march or april… yeah… it hurts the cap overall.

all i have to say about this is look at the bombers last season, they paid out bonus’s to guys who either got traded or even didnt play (milt got a 40k bonus and he didnt even play) these contracts that were front loaded with big bonus money (goodspeed,milt,gwalls,canada,glenn,more but the names escape me because they are no longer on the bombers) really really hindered what the bombers could do last season. sucks when the season hasnt even started and you have to pay a bonus to a guy who might not even make the team or wont even play that year.

Taman is the same guy he was while in wpg. handing out bonus’s to guys who’s best b4 date has expired.

paying out big bonus money to guys tho probably means sask is gonna have to cut some players who are younger and probably have more upside. oh well, i hate the riders to be honest.

Two years in a row they went over, two years in a row they got a slap on the wrist.If they go over again will it be another pointless fine or will they actually start doing something now?

It is an absolute embarrassment how the Riders shamefully disregard the cap and the CFL does virtually nothing about it! Would that have anything to with why they have been in two of the last three Grey Cups?!

A lot of the salary dump players were released because they were owed bonuses and other incentives. Once released, those bonuses no longer apply and players sign new contracts with any team that picks them up.

What is this "slap onthe wrist"? and if its only a slap on the wrist! Why dosnt every team do it?

I believe it was just a small fine in the area of $10,000.And i'm wondering why everyone else doesn't do it to be honest.If SSK can get away with it, loosen the purse strings and will all those bidding wars.

YAH fore sure 10 grand is totally worth building a Grey cup team, ud make the 10 grand in ticket sales alone! hahaha They should increase is to like 50,000 and it go’s toward Ur next seasons cap! and after that if they are over again it should double. Or something of that short!

The Salary Management System is described here

The penalties include forfeited draft picks and financial penalties. The fee... er... penalty per dollar over increases as the amount over the cap increases. Once a team goes more than $300,000 over the cap, there is a 3 dollar penalty for each dollar beyond $300,000 over. At that point, I would imagine the benefits over going over (i.e. getting potentially better players) are outweighed by the penalties. So even though it looks like a "slap on the wrist" for going over a little bit, financially speaking, it becomes more like a paddle to the *ss if the team goes over by too much.

Ill gladly take a paddel to see my tabbie win the cup! hahaha Id just make sure it was an attractive girl doing it

The league need to Make it a Fine like this

Your 1st Round pick + you lose 3 players from your Neg List.

  • the Fine.