Salary Cap

Ok i was wondering with the trades we (bombers) made do we still have to pay a portion of the salary because i have had a few arguements with people about it because as i understand players like Moreneau and Smith there salaries are still being paid by there teams (Ham,BC) because we aquired them after sept Long weekend were everyones salaries are guaranteed. Correct me if i am wrong.

Its just if we have to pay a portion of these players salaries we are gonna be in Cap trouble.

Not sure but I remember hearing that the Bombers had to rework Roberts contract for the trade because otherwise the Lions would be over the cap.

I think the Bombers still pay the remainder of the contracts they acquired. With Tom Canada on the 9 game they don’t count that one against the SMS though.

The Bombers have to pay the diference between Smith and Roberts contract (about 80K)....
That is why Roberts is done after this season.... He is making 160K this season (Smith only 80K)
.... Next year if he comes back to ANY team in the league he will be lucky to see half of that.
He'll probably opt for retirement then be insulted with a lowball offer(ie Allen Pitts)

As with any trade, teams negotiate how much of the contract they want to pay. It is not just the player that goes. In some instances, it is just straight salary costs. In some cases they will negotiate a lower amount, with both teams paying a portion in the salary. In some cases, the teams may also pick up a pro-rated portion of signing bonsuses. There is nothing fixed in what is included in the trade.

I'm surprised nobody is accusing the Argos of going over the cap......AGAIN. Seems every time they have a winning season, Argo haters play the salary cap card as an excuse as to why they are competitive (even though the allegations are unfounded). I guess since this year they don't have a winning team, nobody feels the need to through around false allegations.