Salary cap...what a joke!

How can Edmonton have so much money tied up in DB's and a QB and still remain under the cap? It's a joke. Who's kidding who?


yea i really would like to see just how much money they have left to spend...if any at all...and how much exactly they have spent on DB's and their QB

"It's believed Goss, Morgan and Samuels will combine to earn almost $365,000 during the first year of the enforced $4.05 million salary cap." Add Ricky Ray to the mix and do the math...

$4.05- This figure is a step up from the original “cap” of under 3 million, cant blame the players for makeing a decent paylevel- still not what they made in early 1990,s- IMO alot depends on how many injuries a team has and how many players under contract who dont live(play) to expectations and are cut with money still owing to them, while the team still has to replace them, ?

every team still has time to make cuts....lets not forget these are not final rosters.

by far its the argos, those idiots waste money on guys like john avery, ricky williams, andre rison, and then they have the audacity and cyr wolf that they dont have enough money to pay for things, they have a smaller coaching staff than most high school teams, and they complain they have no money to build their won stadium, the argos amuse me, they are always running around to beg york university, university of toronto, and soccer canada to help build them a stadium, yet they dont wanna spend their money and build their own park, they always want people to do the dirty work for them.

i dont recall the argos EVER complaining they dont have money for thier own stadium.

and what are these other 'things' the argos complain about not having enough money for???

truwarier likes to make up stories to create arguements because he has nothing better to do than take shots at everyone and everything

i've noticed this.

he just likes to add to his post count, and doesnt seem to care that all of those posts are pure trash.

most incoherent, uninformed run-on sentence ever posted??

Coverage of the NFL, CIS and NCAA.

Times are a-changin'

Some will take pay cuts, others cut

Edmonton Eskimos coach Danny Maciocia has some tough decisions to make on who will stay and who will go in the upcoming season. (Sun Media File/Brendon Dlouhy)

Receivers to battle

In the new world order of the CFL, Danny Maciocia is facing some very tough decisions.

Desperately wanting to improve from last year and pledging to cut costs to be at the $4.05-million salary cap to start the season, the Edmonton Eskimos head coach is about to do some serious evaluating.

"I can honestly say - with the exception of maybe Jason Tucker and Ricky Ray - everybody (from last year's team) will be evaluated," said Maciocia. He will study every game tape from last year, watching nearly every player.

"Are we happy with that individual? Do we bring him back and bring competition (to camp)?

"Or do we just cut our ties with that individual?

"Those are the decisions that need to be made."


Maciocia has already decided that some players must take pay cuts.

Approximately $250,000 over the $4.05-million figure to end 2006, a couple of Eskimos have already been asked to accept a decreased salary while two more will soon be asked.

"If they want to be an Eskimo, they could agree to such a pay cut," continued the coach.

While no names are being mentioned by Eskimo brass, rumours suggest Troy Davis has been asked to take a lower salary.

But his agent denies the report.

For months, the future of veterans Ed Hervey, Mookie Mitchell and Singor Mobley have been up in the air, but Maciocia isn't going to rush into any decisions. There's no timetable.

What is most important to Maciocia is drastically improving the roster from last year when the club finished with a 7-11 record.

"We have some tough decisions to take here - I'm not going to deny that," he continued.

"It's about playing in the ultimate game. In order to do that we are going to have to make some changes.

"We are going to have to get younger at certain positions."


So far this off-season, the Esks have signed 11 new players, including seven who are 26 years old or younger.

"There are some youngsters that we are signing that we feel are going to be the future of the Eskimos - not in three or four years (but) in 2007," said Maciocia.

And more youngsters are about to be signed.

Scouring the U.S. more than last year, Maciocia has arranged additional free-agent try-out camps.

But first on the agenda is the CFL congress next week to receive a further education on the salary cap.

Apparently, teams can be over the cap during the regular season but must be down to the limit by Week 19.

Maciocia wants to play it a different way.

While numbers aren't set in stone yet, expect the Esks to be well under the cap to start the year with pools of money to draw from for problems.

For example, a theoretical pot of $100,000 for mid-season transactions, another $125,000 for practice roster players and another $100,000 to pay for injured players.

[b]The Eskimos are commited to staying under the cap, remember they are a community-owned team, they don't have rich owners. Basically this article says that some Eskimos have already been asked to take pay cuts, and some have already agreed. Secondly, you must remember that teams do not have to be under the cap until the season starts. Thirdly, you must realize that the Eskimos will be making some cuts during training camp to the high paid veteran players that have been replaced, names that come to mind could include Hervey, Mitchell, T. Davis, Mobley, Woodcock, Garret, Brady, Frank(retired), Durden, and remember the Esks already released Montford after re-signing him a second time.

The bottom line is, by losing Frank, Brady, Garret, and Durden as expected, the Esks have cleared enough cap space for Goss, Morgan, and Samuels[/b]

its kinda sad that the ti-cats are going this low with there jealousy its not our fault your a loser team.

there it is :thup:

wheres the complaining in this article???
post any line from this article that has the argos complaining???

the author is a media-buddy of the argos is a crying on their behalf that the stadium wont accomodate cfl field regulations, because of the permanent stands in the endzone area.

i think hes crying on behalf of tax-payers and city officials who were told they were funding a stadium that COULD house both soccer and CFL football.

either way, u shoot your mouth off and cannot prove the argos complain about ANYTHING.

what would you know? your eskimos consistenyl bought their way to grey cups by breaking salary cap rules, no matter if your team was community you alway broke salary cap rules, plus your team signed hugh campbell's son as defensive coordinator, to please hugh campbell, everybody knows your defensive play calling is garbage, and it was proved when you got burned by milt stegall, but danny cant fire rick campbell, because nobody wants to make daddy angry, i wouldnt be surprised if they hired mroe relatives.

my eskimos???

the eskies are not my team...shows what u know.

you try bashing the argos, and when you can't provide any facts to back your outlandish claims, you decide to try bashing another team.

stop lying, you've been exposed as a eskimos bandwagoner, stop crying, your exposed.

where did i make ANY comment that even suggested im an eskie fan???

huh, what?!?!...u can't?...not surprised.

on the CFL forum, im arguing an eskie fan right now that tucker isn't in the top 3 recievers in the league...sound like an esks fan?...i think not!

i think you are a BC bandwagoner now because of your picture!!! BANDWAGONER!!! ahahaha im just playing, truwarier has nothing to back himself up as usual