Salary Cap $Vs Player Quality?

Guys and Gals since AUstin keeps being Quoted as saying “these are the guys we have and these are the guys we chose , everybody has to step up regardless of status with all these injuries” now why do I notice that we have the largest roster with the most rookies in the CFL ? Why do we not have more proven CFL veterans which are in the range of 85,000-150,000 range and how does our the am spend with relation to the Salary Cap ? THe way it looks to me the other teams look to have better Quality players that cost more , I think " The Caretaker" has to spend more money to upgrade our roster instead of developing these cheap rookie players because it looks like we are well under the Cap and Big Bob needs to spenda da money <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> to Start WInning NOW , we are in developing mode and the result on the scoreboard reflects the organizations philosophy and we need more proven CFL veterans on this team Caretaker start taking better care of the player quality instead of spending all your cash on new Head Coaching and severance packages , Bob Corey Boyd is available ? put your money where your mouth is, "DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY "

I wonder if the team is well below the cap in order to minimize financial losses due to the Guelph year.

If it's not, then I'm not sure why so many inexperienced players.

In all honsety as a veteran would you want to come play for this team? If a guy has his choice would he want to come to a team that is in constant change rarely makes the play offs and is lucky to play in the same system the next season (if he even lasts that long.) Then the next season is cut after the hype of the signing is over. I can't see many big name players wanting to play here with the mess of the past 10 seasons.

A team trying to save money does not have 78 players under contract.

Remember that salaries of players on the one-game IR count against the cap. The only way the team could afford to bring in many more experienced player would be to move a few more over to the nine-game IR. Which would mean not having them for half the season. Any suggestions on who on the IR we don't need when they're healthy again? Remember, to make it worthwhile, they'll have to have high salaries, i.e. veterans.

Actually, there's another option. Cut some uninjured veterans - not that we have many of those left. Again, any suggestions?