Salary Cap Should Exceed Five Million by 2010 ?

Depending on whether the new Rebok deal applies to next season’s salary cap this could affect the salary cap… The increase of 750K(per team) in TV money does not kick in until next season.
That is why the cap only went up 50K in the off- season… however since league revenue will be well over 10 mil more this season over last season… it’s almost a certainty the cap will easily be over 4.5 mil next season
If the player awards find a sponsor soon (at the price the CFL is asking) as well with other sponsors renewing at much higher rates (due to the 19% increase in TV viewership) I predict that by the 2010 season the cap will easily be 5 mil.




I may be in the minority, but I don't want a big increase in the salary cap. I'd rather that all teams spent at the cap and were profitable before the cap went up.

IMO, a higher salary cap won't perceptibly change the quality of play in the CFL. The pool of players that play in the CFL won't be any different with a larger salary cap. Players play in the CFL because they love playing football, they can make more in the CFL than at a job in their hometown or they are hoping for a second chance at the NFL.

Why pay more for the same players?

Even with a higher cap, there will still be salary cap issues due to bad scouting, bad management and injuries. The only difference with a higher salary cap is that overall, the teams will be less profitable and less stable.

I think SMS is a percentage of total revenues, so as long as the league is healthy and bringing in revenue, the SMS will go up accordingly.

SMS ceiling is set by percentage of revenues. Has zero impact on team finances. UP or Down.

There isn't any reason for the salary structure to go up so fast Dust. Yours doesn't , nobodys does. What happens to teams with bad years and they loose lots of money? Does the league just let them fold? What happens if there is a recession,etc?
No, what the league has to do is be prepared against hard times,etc. Teams too should have to put part of their increasing revienue away in case extra funding is needed in the future. Our league had its troubles before and they may again. Teams foled, some were bailed out, we had to except help from the NFL. Don't want to be obligated to them anymore than we are now. Hell our league could have folded. New city's want into the league, maybe the league could now lower its high price tag to them
I know its a percentage bases for our salary management system, but we don't need it esculating by leaps and bounds just because extra cash was found. What happens when that extra cash is taken off the table, will players and teams be so quick to take the decreases?

You realise that 5 million in 2010 is still less then teams payroll was in 2005 but team revenues will have increased by 30 to 50%

But the salary "CAP" (not management system) was $2.6M in 2005

[url=] ... 60118.html[/url]

Spending was only $3.75M that year on average.

2006 was stupid because the cap was not enforced, and 2007 contract incentives were dumped there, even still, Edmonton only hit $4.65M

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CAP was 2.6 but no team adhered to it. Braley even called it a "floor". Most teams payroll were between 4 and 5.5 million.

Hell even the poor Riders were at 4.9 according to Tillman

That just might be the year the riders will be on target to be at the SMS limit. LOL

You need some new material RW05.

Considering small market riders fail to abide by the cap I think it's pretty safe to say the 4.05 cap is conservative. Having said that I rather a conservative but sustainable cap, then what the NHL has. The NHL owners are going to regret the lockout big-time. In fact thanks to the sheer arrogance of the league, nothing will be done to correct this complete lunacy which is happening in New York.

NHL's salary cap did not account for the depreciation of the greenback...I think you will find a lot of businesses in the same situation. I see the us currency continuing to take dives every six months or so....

Back to the CFL...I think the owners have a sweet deal and it allows every entity to grow or suffer together.

Anyone know how they disburse the fines?

I am also in favour of increasing to $5M now plus on top of this we should bring back a franchise player rule exempting same from the cap.
The CFL is financially strong enough to maintain both.
And while we are at it, increase the playoff money and for the Grey Cup bring $1M jackpot for the winning team and $500K for the losing team.
Anyone with me?

The exempt player rule was BS. What isn't broke don't need fixing.

Let me think about that—NO!!!
The franchise player rule was a disaster for the league and remains a bad idea.

No - there's a formula; stick with it

Bigger and more vehement NO!

This one, I can accept, distributed amongst the players. Maybe not the exact dollar figure you suggest but the concept. You see tennis, golf, curling, etc., the finalists/winners get a very large proportion of the total take. Make players want it even more throughout the year - raises the level of competetiveness even more.

Toronto saw average attendance of 36,353 in 1991 and 32,053 in 1992 when Ismail was playing for them. This season they're averaging 27,962.

5000 extra fans/game * 9 games = 45000 tickets

$3.5M/yr / 45000 tickets = $78 / ticket.

The extra seats are usually of the $30 variety rather than the $80 variety. Gives you a net loss of like $2M/yr.

That's a deal that only Ted Rogers would find appealing.

Not really. It any business there is a cost to acquiring new customers. If half those 5000 extra fans keep coming for 10 years after Ismail is gone...

Depends how you look at things...