Salary Cap Ooopsie!

Love to know how the league figures this one out, with the pick already having been traded.

LoL Know wounder the riders wanted to trade that pick.

I guess the Riders couldn't afford to keep Flick in the manner to which he had grown accustomed either. :wink:

Very, very happy to hear there is some teeth in this cap. And that the league was able to punish a team without the BOGs firing the commish.

If I recall correctly, Montreal was one of the teams who refused to have their books audited. I would recommend a dollar fine for Sask (since they no longer possess their first round pick anyways)and forfeit both of Montreal's first-rounders.

Personally, injury bug or not, sask and mtl should have budgeted accordingly. Salary Cap is there for a reason.

This must come as a great disappointment in Tiger Town that the Argos aren't over the cap.
Tigercat fans cut their teeth believing the Argos are always over the cap. lol

That's just because you didn't bring in any former big time, soon to be dancing with the stars(?) crackhead family abandoning Saint Pinball spiritual reclamation projects this year.

the blue team is smart enough to not get caught and has been rumored for years to do things under the table. "Sorry mr O'shea we can only match Hamiltons offer but how would you like to drive this nice new 40k suv or live in a beautiful luxury condo, I am sure we can work something out with some friends of ours".

Can anyone inform me as to where those tickets go? Like are they added on to the later rounds or are other teams just given an extra late draft pick? Or do they just simply vanish as if they were no picks at all, so the first round would be like 6 draft picks instead of the 8?

Double Blue - I hate to burst your bubble by advising you that most Tiger Cats fans could care less about what happens down the QEW to the Pink Team.

I rest my case. :slight_smile:

Those Boatmen are guilty as hell I don't care what they say. Their cooking the books somehow.


1000 words and all that…

According to this report by Murray Mccormick in the Regina Leader-Post today, Riders GM Eric Tillman said that the CFL auditors have not even completed their audits of the CFL teams thus the report alleging salary cap violations by the Riders and Alouettes is inaccurate:

"Tillman refutes report Riders exceed salary cap

Murray Mccormick

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman is vehemently denying a report that the Grey Cup champions have lost a first-round draft pick for exceeding the salary cap in 2007.

The Web site reported Friday that the Roughriders exceeded the $4.05 million cap and would forfeit their first pick in the 2008 Canadian college draft. Tillman said the league is still completing its audit of the eight teams in the CFL from 2007.

"If Pinocchio is their source, his nose must be growing as we speak,'' Tillman said in reference to the report. "If the truth matters -- and journalistically it should -- the league office hasn't even finished its league wide audit. So to suggest that decisions have been made when the process is still ongoing, is patently absurd.''

The report upset Tillman because he feels there isn't any team in the league that worked as diligently as the Roughriders to meet the cap in 2007. Tillman is reported to have cut $700,000 to reduce the Riders' salaries in preparation for the 2007 season.

"We've stated multiple times the only reason we are even in any jeopardy of exceeding the cap is our league-leading injury list,'' Tillman said. "We took drastic measures in the off-season, trading or releasing more than a dozen players, to be in compliance with the cap, which we as an organization totally support.

"So, if accuracy matters, let's acknowledge two facts: One, we led the league in games missed by injured players and the league is weeks away from completing the auditing process as it relates to all eight clubs.''"

And here's that link...

You can bet Obie will manage the cap very well, this guy has learned from the best in the league.

Obie came toke over the TiCaT GM job and settled in like he has been there for years.