Salary cap leaked info

[i]Sources are telling Access_Johnny, that most or all team's payrolls will be under the salary cap for 2016.

It will all be announced eventually. [/i]

Lol. I have it from a good source that the argos will be back at bmo next year to. Access scudweiser69

its just how you manage your 6-game list and if you have extra space how you allocated next year signing bonus dollars in December. Thats why everyone goes to 99.999% of cap (as cohon liked to state all the time)

If you read the publicly available financial statements and statements execs of the private clubs make from time to time ... clubs usually spend $7m-8m in real on salary depending on injuries due to the loopholes in the cap (mainly the 6-game list). Edmonton breaks it down all the way ($7.8 in 2015 IIRC) ... BC lions president states that they are usually mid-7 depending on injuries


Also heard that President Trump is going to decrease the salary cap as per new NAFTA.

I heard they're going to build a wall in BC Place Stadium, it's gonna be yuuuuge! Then they're gonna get the Tigercats to pay for it! :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

We wont pay!! :lol: Sure need to laff with whats going on in this world :?