Salary cap issues

Going forward the cats need to consider the value of large contracts to banks and laurent the money could have been spent more wisely

Where's this coming from?
Don't you remember at the beginning of FA how everyone was on Hamilton to resign Laurant and Banks.
Who would you have instead?

  1. Interesting name. It's not obrigado.. want to share the origin?

  2. Interesting for a brand new poster to key on this topic, as Lenny points out. What would you like considered, in particular?

I think theyes are deep at dts and banks is too one dimensional for the money

Do you actually watch the games? How is he too one dimensional? Too fast? Too small? Can't catch? Can't get open? Ok...I'll give you he's on the small side to effectively block.
On some plays he's been so open you wonder how he's missed by Colaros. Speed kills in this game.
What is the one dimension you are talking about?

Kind of know where the "new guy" is coming from regarding Speedy B. Love the guy as a player, but he is first and foremost a returner, and not a top grade receiver.

His main effective route is the fly pattern, because as we all say, you can't teach or coach speed. His other route running is a little shaky and he doesn't catch the ball at all well in traffic. Plus, he is rarely used as a decoy, so if he is in the game, the opposition D can usually spy or key him, often to good effect.

The end around plays are likewise not typically productive, partly for that same reason, and his tendency to burn real estate up too quickly east and west before turning the shoulders and going down field.

Having said all that, he can be a huge game changer, and can electrify the fans, and his team mates with a return, whether or not he scores. Don't how he impacts the cap, but I think he well earns his keep on the team.

Just saying I would rather have a high quality every down player for the money

When the D goes to man coverage, and Speedy runs that 5 yard drag under the LBs, I don't think there is a better player in the league who can make yards on that play as Speedy does. No DB can pace Speedy across the field for that distance. That's Speedy as a receiver and going into the death valley that is the LB area of the D. Most "small" guys don't or won't go in there.

As for blocking, I think there is an argument there. When Speedy and Sink used to return kicks, if Speedy got the ball there was a good chance at Sink getting a good block on the first/closest guy down. If Sink got the ball, he was kind of on his own with that first pursuit guy.

Maybe, but I would be so quick to judge on that. I seem to remember a HUGE hit Speedy B put on Elimimian last year. Knocked Solomon clean on his keister.

I'm not questioning his talent it's where the big salary cap dollars are allocated


Like I don't think putting big dollars into a returner wins grey cups

It would have two years ago if not for a penalty.

But it didn't who was Calgary returner in that Game?

Then you don't know Canadian Football.

Who would you spend money on then? You're obviously on here to pump someone's tires.

Out them.

Banks is being paid what? 175 -200k?

In a perfect world I’d rather cut Banks and have Owens run returns and bring Sinkfield back, but that opportunity sailed.

Have you not noticed that Owens has lost a step as he's aged? Couldn't replace Banks speed and quickness. I do believe Owens does run better pass routes but he's also got much more experience in the CFL. Sinkfield...good receiver that would likely demand a premium. Every team in the CFL seems to find good receivers so overpaying for Sink to replace Banks is not such a good idea.
Do people not remember Gizmo and how he could turn a game around by himself? I'm not saying Banks is a Gizmo, but it does show that a dominant returner can win games. And we have one in Banks. This issue this year has been blocking in front of him. Our special teams have not been real special. We lost too many good players and can't seem to get on track with blocking assignments this year. Coaches or player....not sure what the issue is but I believe Speedy is a keeper until someone comes along who is better than him on his primary purpose......returner.

Again lm not arguing about his ability but I doubt gizmo was one of Edmonton highest paid players

I agree, sometimes I question the amount of money we have paid Banks. He is a great player don't get me wrong, however is he really worth 200k?