Salary Cap is making it's mark.

Well it's official, the salary cap is sorting out the management systems in the CFL. Now that any pre-cap contracts have run their course, all the teams are now on the same level. Is that not the heart of the problems in Lions/Eskimo land? Which two teams in the past have had the finances to go after whatever talent was needed to field a winner? Now the heat is on the management to pick the right balance of players, not just the best.

this was obvious since they started. Esks have not had a successful season since the Salary Cap was inserted.

Actually the Eskimos and for that matter the Riders, being community owned teams did not enjoy the luxury that the privately owned teams had in hiding salaries, personal service contracts etc. The leveling of the playing field is to their benefit.

It was a nice try though.

What are you talking about... Edmonton was notorious for going over the previous "cap".

The only team consistantly to go over the cap has been Saskatchewan but whatever makes you "feel good". :lol:

It happened twice and one of those years was a result of having 7 players break their legs.

Absolutely wrong but if you can show me any proof at all, a newpaper quote or whatever. The fact is that Edmonton's success over the years was the result of superior scouting of Canadian talent and shrewd trades to improve their Canadian talent not salary cap abuse. Because Edmonton is community owned their books have always been open to public scrutiny. Although the league has long gotten rid of the "personal services contract", it remains the number one abuse of the salary cap, historically. One player alone put 3 teams on the brink of bankruptsy in the 80's.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good rant though.

you mean the one that didn't exist? Can't break a rule that isn't there my friend.
And curiously, when the SMS came into play it was which team that was over? oh yeah, the 'Riders. 8)

I do agree that the SMS is working to create more parity. But I also don't see that as the driving reason for both the success of some teams and the struggles of others.

For example, long before the SMS the Esks had some rocky seasons, but those happen to come at a time when they caught some breaks... finishing 6-12 and still making the playoffs comes to mind.

The Esks current woes started before the SMS was put in place. Their abysmal draft strategy and general player management (and coaching) have had a direct impact on the way the team has underperformed. In the past few years the 'Riders have been better managed and better coached than the Esks (which isn't something you can say for the majority of those teams' histories). Trading Tsoumpas for Little Commie was as big a boneheaded move as most EE fans have ever seen... and that wasn't SMS related at all.

I even see some of the success in Sask coming from grooming a QB in-house rather than going for another team's reject. That's made a huge difference (in the same way that Ricky Ray took the league by storm when he first came in as an unknown and nobody thought he'd last a season). That's a sign not of SMS management, but of player and team development... something the Esks did far better than anyone for far longer than anyone. The team now the top at that game are the Als by a long shot.

Only until cavilo breaks a leg, And he's a Ha...... Tiger cat reject

wow, you have been living under a rock!

The Eskimos spent money on players before the Salary cap when other teams couldn’t compete!

they were able to pick off the Free Agents like they were fries on a plate! nobody else could compete with them when it came to dishing out money for players!

the best example is when Hamilton was looking to sign Free Agent Ricky Ray when he was trying out for the NFL. Ray was a FA then, and Hamilton made an offer, but Edmonton made that ridiculous offer he has now and Hamilton had no chance at all to even try to compete with it.

look back in the 90’s or even the late 80’s. There were many players like Derrell Mitchell who the Esks poured money out on a table for him (not literally) and nobody could match it.

they were notorious for spending large amounts of money for the Top Free Agents when other teams didn’t have similar funds.

Now with the Cap, along with poor scouting and awful draft technique. the Eskimos have not had 1 successful Season since the Cap was made official.

Makes you wonder how many of those 34 consecutive years in the playoffs would still have stood if they had the Cap back then?

Again, show some proof. Show me one shread of proof that Edmonton has ever exceded any salary cap. It should be easy, they are a community owned team, their books are open. If you can't show any proof then you are simply full of it. The worst 'cap' or salary abuse has been Toronto (Flutie), Calgary (Flutie) and B.C. (guess who) on personal services contracts.

It seems to be making for some real worth while football with all these close competivie teams...

... would you rather a situation like baseball, where you know basically which teams will make the playoffs?

There was a cap… Just certain teams chose not to obey it. Today I could care less whether a team goes over because there are penalties for doing so. And even if a team does indeed go over today’s cap, it is not going to be by a large amount.

are you blind? or were you born yesterday?

this all happened YEARS BEFORE the Salary cap even came into play... SHEESH!!

It is okay.... The Voice of Reason knows all.

Wrong again, the salary cap was the sole reason for the personal services contract. Teams other than those which were cmmunity owned would sign the players to a personal services contract to the owner and their salary was not included in the teams cap. I believe in B.C. Flutie was listed as the owners chauffer.

The simple fact is that you can not supply one shread of proof that Edmonton has ever been over any cap.

You really do like to suck and blow at the same time. In this same thread you complain about the Eskimos being over the cap in the 80's and 90's. now you say that Flutie was before the cap and he was playing for Toronto in 95. Which is it?
Come up with some proof or shut up.

No just more than cflisthebest, oh and I guess you too if you are agreeing with him. Of course we can all feel bad considering everybody in the City of Edmonton conspired to deny him of a brillant career.

THERE WAS NO @#$@#% CAP back in the 1980's and 90's!!!!!!

that's where you are wrong! they had zero salary cap back in the dark days of the CFL.

and i'm not even talking about Flutie.

Flutie was in the day when there was 1 player exempt.

Salary Cap was not actual and not enforced until a few seasons ago.

No just more than cflisthebest, oh and I guess you too if you are agreeing with him. Of course we can all feel bad considering everybody in the City of Edmonton conspired to deny him of a brillant career.
btw, who are you?

19 posts? you have so much experience here!